Alla Pugacheva is preparing a new show with his son and daughter

Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой Children of the artist involved in the recording of her concert programs. According to the sound producer of the Divas, a three year old Harry and Lisa often run into the Studio where their mother is working on songs that will present to the public in early 2017.

      Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой

      The news of the Grand return of the Diva on stage left no one indifferent. A few weeks ago “StarHit” first reported that 67-year-old star was preparing for his solo concert in Moscow and is considering a tour of the country. In recent months she has acquired from various authors and composers of more than a dozen new songs. And the premiere of one of them – “don’t call” – already took place last week. “StarHit” find out why almost all the rehearsals Alla are in the castle, what part in them are her children Harry and Lisa, and that allows the singer to quickly bring voice into shape before each recording.

      New hit of Alla Pugacheva became the most discussed in the Network

      Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой

      All inclusive

      For many years Pugacheva is working with sound producer Anatoly Lopatin, at the music Studio who are born and arrangements to all her hits. This time she did not change their preferences – recently, singer and sound engineer met and discussed the plan for the near future.

      “Alla is actively preparing, rehearsing new songs, – has shared with “StarHit” Anatoly Lopatin. Sometimes she visits the et to me, but most of all – I to her home, not to tire the artist way, which sometimes takes five hours, including sitting in traffic jams. In the castle there is a portable recording Studio with everything you need. Also there has long built a scene where I had equipped Alla place for writing. At rehearsals and during the creation of arrangements we always have live musicians, mainly sessional, select different for each song. In the near future, we plan to meet often – several times a week, have a lot of work. When you need to prescribe some complicated technical stuff, go to my house – where the latest equipment.”
      Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой

      No special secrets to how to give voice to a form that the Diva is not – it uses the old proven method. “Before every practice Alla Borisovna conducts breathing exercises, continues Durant. – It helps to warm up the throat and cords. With her voice all right. It happens that we have long discussed how best to sing a particular passage, at what rate is a normal working process”.

      Often appear at the rehearsal and the children Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin – 3-year-old Harry and Lisa. “Particularly interested in the process her daughter, – says Anatoly. – Constantly runs into the room, begins to dance to the melody, even tries to sing along. Very musical girl. While conversations about how to engage children in the upcoming concert, no. But, of course, in the future, when Harry and Lisa grows up, Alla does not exclude the possibility that they will continue the dynasty”.

      Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой

      Developing a scenery for a future concert Pugacheva promised to trust favorite scene designer Boris Krasnov. “I was in contact with Alla Borisovna a couple of weeks ago, – said Boris Abramovich with “StarHit”. – Ask what kind of show she is preparing in the near future. Said that while the scenery is not necessary, but early next year she will turn to me for help.

      Алла Пугачева готовит новое шоу с сыном и дочкой

      Musical ring

      Diva not only engaged in a solo program, but plans to participate in musical concerts. Recently she confirmed a performance at the international festival “HEAT”, which will be held in Baku in July 2017. In addition, Pugacheva continues to take an active part in the fate of the students of his workshop of variety art “Retsital”.

      “She comes every week – said “StarHit” in school. – Comes to class, watching rehearsals, and shows us how to sing, advises how to move and act on stage, helps children to choose the songs for the reporting shows.”

      Soon the school plans to hold the next audition to recruit a new group of talented guys. Also in the near future the singer is preparing to expand the creative Studio and lease a second building in Central Moscow.

      “Most likely, it will be located in the district of Tver, – have shared with “StarHit” the music teacher Studio Mikhail Grebenshikov. But while several options are under consideration – trying to get more kids might do. And still going to make tuition more affordable. Of course, three years of work our team learned a lot and I think will definitely participate in future Grand concert of Alla in the capital.”