Сергей Шнуров высказался о разводе в стихах
The search for a new sweetheart brought the musician in “the Hermitage”.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: Instagram

From Sergey Shnurova not wait for a detailed answer
on any of the many questions about his divorce from Matilda.
A musician does not make loud statements, concerning changes in his personal life,
however, willingly describes his emotional state in verse. It seems, for
last month Cord have written so many of them that it is time to think hard about
cover. The last of the published works of the singer — again divorce.

“I ride again as a knight,
And shooting blanks.
People often get divorced!
It’s not right to fuck
No foolish law.
To be together is a celebration!
Leave the women,
Money toad may not teases
And suffocates your heart
Not the last W Gherla,
As he wrote terrible Herzen
Died, died.
But my …. experience
The search for new types,
Finished in Hermitage
On the second b… floor.”

Though right
after the announcement of the divorce, the singer and claimed he would not advertise the reasons
the collapse of family life, later it became known that the wife left him for another.
Cords hard going through separation from his beloved. Many wondered: who’s Matilda could
throw a charismatic leader of group “Leningrad”? In one of his poems
Sergei muses over the fact that women are mostly involved in finding the ideal

From the creativity of Shnurova it follows that Matilda met her Prince on a white
horse. However, he is confident that she will be a big disappointment.

“Where to go
In what city?
One eye at least
I shall have a look, *****, there
Where princes on koreshkah,
Prance like unto the gods,
In ironed shirts,
All washed feet,
Courteous and participatory,
Discreet in private life.
Under the olive tree
You see, and not withdrawn
Eyes, kissing her on the neck.
But trains are not running
Such nonsense”, — he wrote.