Жена запретила Джорджу Клуни ездить на мотоцикле
Amal gave the actor an ultimatum.

Жена запретила Джорджу Клуни ездить на мотоцикле

George and Amal Clooney


Spouse George Clooney gave him a choice: she asked him to decide what is more important — the peace and tranquility in the family or
favorite “steel horse”. Never before Amal was not trying to restrict freedom
George, but this time to persuade her otherwise was impossible. More
the actor’s wife insists that he get rid of the motorcycle, which, though
was injured in the crash, managed to recover.

told people close familiar with the couple, Amal was categorical.
She stated that she is sure that George is a good person and don’t want them
twins, Ella and Alexander, who recently celebrated the first day of
birth, growing up without a dad. Clooney was forced to agree with her.

before I was a bit worried when her husband sat on a motorcycle. But now,
after the accident in which George fell two weeks ago, she became a principal
opposed to this mode of transport. We will remind, the accident happened in Sardinia, Clooney miraculously survived.

As shown by the record from the traffic cameras, accident happened from-that the driver of the car brand “Mercedes” is not lost on a fork,
as required by the rules of the road bike 57-year-old
the actor, resulting in
the collision happened. As both vehicles moved on
high speed, from strong blow the machine casing George was thrown from
seat, and he flew several meters through the air before he crashed to the ground.
And he was only saved by the fact that he was on the head of a motorcycle
helmet. The actor escaped with moderate injuries and have returned to
work on the TV series “catch-22”.

George Clooney