Пикантные снимки Марии Шараповой на пляже «взорвали» Сеть
Fans saw with their own eyes how much the athlete loves boyfriend.

Maria Sharapova and Alexander walks

Photo: Instagram

as Maria Sharapova was defeated in the first round of Wimbledon, she flew to
Italy: there she restores power and experiencing failure on the court. The company
the famous tennis player made her lover — 39-year-old British
millionaire Alexander Gilks. The couple enjoyed a holiday in a Villa in Positano, hoping
what draws the attention of strangers, but reporters caught up with them there. On
recently, the Network got candid photos lovers. They Alexander walks
kissing the buttocks of Sharapova. Interestingly, Maria did not immediately respond to
flirt and put the phone only when Alex became more assertive.

Maria Sharapova and Alexander walks’ve been Dating for a few months.
The couple was first spotted together in January this year, the paparazzi photographed them
at the airport in Los Angeles, when Sharapova and walks back along with rest.
Selection of Masha had already approved her numerous fans: the 38-year-old Alexander
only handsome, he is also very rich and well educated.

Gilks is considered one of the most enviable grooms of the UK, I went into
the Royal family and close friends with princes William and Harry. But the heart
Sharapova he conquered not only this: it turns out that Alexander knows
Russian and speaks with Masha in her native language.

As it turned out the British Daily Mail, the desire to learn the Russian language Gilks
passed on from the parents. His mother Robin worked for many years at Oxford
University Department of Russian studies and Eastern European countries. Alexander
studied in one of the most prestigious private schools in Britain, Eton, and there he
in addition to French and Spanish, and learned Russian language. The young man
planned that knowledge of Russian will help him in his future career.

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