Sergey Penkin explained why not become a family man

Сергей Пенкин объяснил, почему не стал семейным человеком Singer and composer is in no hurry again to tie the knot and have children. More than 15 years ago Sergey Penkin went with journalist Elena Protsenko. In a recent candid interview, the actor spoke about the reasons for the failures in his personal life.
Сергей Пенкин объяснил, почему не стал семейным человеком

56-year-old Sergey Penkin rarely shares details of his personal life. Recently, the artist made an exception and gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about the failures in his personal life and admitted, why not got a wife and kids.

It is known that in the early 2000s, the penquin was married with the British journalist of Russian origin, Elena Protsenko. Their relationship began in the ‘ 90s, when she came to Moscow to work. At the same time and was an acquaintance of Elena and Sergei. Family happiness the pair did not last long. The couple lived together for only a couple of years. As it turned out, to legitimize the relationship with Protsenko, the actor was married with a foreigner. Sergey did not begin to specify, in a civil or registered.

“It was my second wife, and the first was actually a full-blooded Englishwoman. As for Elena Protsenko, she called me to move to England. And I said I want to continue my career here. Since abroad we are still second-class citizens”, – said Penkin in the “Oh, mother!”.

Now the pop star lives in a luxurious house. Sergey admitted that he doesn’t feel lonely. The singer has a maid and guard, it’s also constantly visited by relatives – a niece and sisters. The one who the contractor would like to make an offer, he hasn’t met. Penquin lamented the fact that many women fall in love with him as a person and as an artist.

“When a few years ago I burned myself, was very disappointed. Now I need a woman that loved me not as an artist but as a person. And it is now very difficult, because everyone immediately look at you as an artist. I write a lot of letters… In General, I don’t even know what to tell you”, – shared the artist.

According to Penkina, he was more impressed by those women who do everything themselves and not looking for a rich patron. As an example, an artist led synchronized swimmers. Sergei admired the character of athletes who put a lot of effort to achieve success.

Children have a celebrity yet. Sergey Penkin exclude that use the services of a surrogate mother, as do many of his colleagues in show business. On the question of whether he dreams about the heirs, the actor replied in the negative.

“Sometimes kids can be so that you think, “my God, I wish you did not exist!”. Especially when the children are beginning to occupy the apartment, the money, to wait until you die to use your money… well, again, I don’t know what to tell you…” – said Sergey.

Penkin also commented on the words of Valeria that he is representative of sexual orientation. A few years ago the statement of the actress in an interview to the BBC caused a serious scandal. “She acted ugly. It’s as cold in life as on stage,” – said Sergey.