The ex-wife of the leader of the group “Machete” scandal sued him for alimony

Экс-жена лидера группы «Мачете» со скандалом отсудила у него алименты Natalya Simakova received from Yaroslav Maly several million rubles. The musician left his wife and daughter and began to build a relationship with another woman and has four children. He accepted the boys as a family, and my daughter almost did not go to visit.
Экс-жена лидера группы «Мачете» со скандалом отсудила у него алименты

For four years the leader of group “Machete” and “Tokyo” did not see a daughter who was born in his marriage with actress Natalia Simakova. The couple broke up in 2013, and then the singer promised that neither wife nor little Michelle will not be for nothing – no money, no father. But did not keep his word. Just recently Natasha managed to knock out a 44-year-old Yaroslav the alimony on the maintenance of the child – Small had to list the former family the whole amount accumulated over the years – several million rubles.

“The last time Jaroslav met Michelle when she was a year old – says the “StarHit” Simakova. – I’m so frustrated, can’t understand why he was doing it. I would be happy if the Pope would participate in a child’s life. The girl needs it, feel it. Strongly cry, turning to him.”
Экс-жена лидера группы «Мачете» со скандалом отсудила у него алименты

From Natalia’s Small left for another woman – Rachel is Ora, which at that time raised four children from a previous relationship. Yaroslav, leaving the breast daughter, took her in heirs as a family.

“I have long tried to find work, to get used to, I’m going to raise this baby alone – continues to Simakova. – It was a lesson. Even could not imagine such a turn. We Yaroslav has always been a single entity, looking in the same direction. He dedicated songs to me. But when the daughter was born, husband was unexpectedly offered to live separately – say, we’re a little tired of each other… After some time I learned that he is in a relationship. And the lady was sure doing the right thing. I tried to talk to her, explained that we have a child, the family, do not ruin. But all pretended that I was not and never has been. We divorced, financial Yaroslav did not help either me nor my daughter. He lived in different countries – to a greater extent in the Ukraine, was hiding, didn’t want to pay child support, although the money was. That only did not do, to achieve at least some result!»

“He was looking for the bailiffs, my friends, I sent telegrams, I called a mutual friend, his current woman. A long time ex-spouse did not come to Russia, because it was listed in all services as a willful defaulter, he would not then released from the country without the payment of debts. In the end, with the help of people who have influenced him, it finally happened. It helped to save the house, which I have in mortgage. Thought that now he will think, will remember about the daughter… But I still can’t find Yaroslav. He’s gone missing again”.