Wooden wedding: what Vitorgan Sobchak taught

Деревянная свадьба: чему Виторган научил Собчак Today the couple celebrate the anniversary of family life: five years ago she married Maxim. As my taste preferences have changed Sobchak and what it says spouse Vitorgan learned “StarHit”. Now the couple are raising a son Plato, who was born in November 2016.
Деревянная свадьба: чему Виторган научил Собчак

Five years ago, on 1 February 2013, the surprise of friends and even relatives married Kseniya Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. Then the few who believed in the sincerity of the couple, including their wedding PR or just a joke. However, the couple are still together. And, it seems, they are just as in love with each other, as the happiest day in the cinema “Wick”, where he celebrated a triumph. Marriage anniversary plan to celebrate in Moscow in the family. In anticipation of wooden wedding and relatives told the “StarHit”, as Sobchak and Vitorgan change and surprise each other.

Female hand

Almost always with spouses Ksenia’s mother – Lyudmila Narusova. She has completely devoted herself to raising the long-awaited grandson of Plato who is a year and two months. It would seem that Lyudmila Borisovna knows everything about Ksenia and Maxim, and it is hard to hit. However, “kids” is still at it.Narusova on the nomination Sobchak: “It was the most difficult choice of my life»

“The young absolute equality in the family, but the main still any questions Max, – says the “StarHit” Narusova. The daughter is listening, she likes to obey his wife. But was the situation when Xenia I was very surprised! Son-in-law injured his hand. Of course, he, like all men, doesn’t like to go to the doctors. Then the daughter has behaved very harshly, refused to listen to any arguments and took Maxim to the hospital. There were able to ensure that will not run away, and the doctors did the necessary procedures. In my mind this is a willful decision on her part happened the second time. First – when she forced her husband to go on a diet and go for exercise. And you know, he loved the sport and still enjoys the gym and at home.”
Деревянная свадьба: чему Виторган научил Собчак

Now Sobchak has more than usual to leave family for work – at the end of last year, the TV presenter announced his intention to stand in presidents of Russia. Friend Ksenia, fashion Director of TSUM Alla werber, literally predicted this event back in the mid 90s.

“I met with Lyudmila Narusova, when she was only 16 years old – says the “StarHit” Alla Konstantinovna. – During the first meeting said: “I’m Sure your daughter will become President of the country!”In this age, it was ambitious, clever, purposeful girl. By the way, despite his busy schedule, she is a wonderful wife, caring mother. I see the way Maxim looks at favorite – it’s worth it. Ksenia looking for my man and found. She is such a woman need to be equal. Time for everyone to pay attention to, takes care of all the family members. Together with the stylists she sometimes picks we have in store clothes for Maxim. Himself often buys glasses, she has thousands of bag.”

Joke for joke

Sobchak has greatly narrowed the circle of communication in recent years, it is rarely seen at social events or movie premieres. Instead, they devote time to friends.

“The girls have a tradition – on the weekends to go to the bath – says “StarHit”, a businesswoman Olga Slutsker. – Worried I’m usually out of town. Recently I made an interesting observation. Earlier in the bath, and after that Ksenia drinking green tea or herbal with honey. A few days ago she came to visit, we warmed up, jumped in the snow and sat down to dinner. Suddenly I hear an unexpected phrase: “Ol, can I have please 50 grams and beer”. It is necessary and the candidate sometimes to relax.”

According to cousin Xenia Alla Usova, Sobchak and Vitorgan perfect couple. “I admire their ability to love, to respect each other, to hear and sometimes not hear each other, laugh, joke, argue and surprise”.

One of these surprises somehow had a chance to participate and “StarHit”. It was a couple of years ago. On the eve of the birthday of Maxim Xenia turned to our editors and asking them to help her to organize a flash mob for her husband. We have thrown a call in social networks, and the next morning at eleven o’clock all those wishing to congratulate the actor came to the appointed place in the center of Moscow – then the couple lived on Tverskaya-Yamskaya. Drove to the same van with the colored balls… “Xenia, we are ready, where are your Windows?”– sent a message Sobchak. “I hung on the window red ball!”she replied. We went around the house around, you see nothing. “Oh, he’s broke, stuck a rose!”– received from Sobchak message two minutes later. Our improvised joint with Ksenia gift Maxim was satisfied.