Sergey of Cords gets rid of the addiction in a luxury resort

Сергей Шнуров избавляется от пагубного пристрастия на роскошном курорте The leader of group “Leningrad” meets the beginning of 2018 in the work. Recently Sergey Shnurov has acted in Sochi, and in the middle of January will be held a concert on the island of Bali. A musician who has arrived on a distant island, takes the sun and puts on an experiment.
Сергей Шнуров избавляется от пагубного пристрастия на роскошном курорте

The flamboyant leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov went to Bali together with his wife Mathilde and colleagues. Plans 44-year-old artist concert, to be held on 14 January at the beach.

Preparation for performance does not interfere with the musician to swim and sunbathe. Sergei began to share on social networks pictures taken on a luxury foreign resort. Apparently, Sergei’s having a great time on a tropical island, away from prying eyes. The photo that appeared on Instagram Shnurov, he is depicted in black shorts and sunglasses. The artist looks pleased and a little pensive. As it turned out, they decided to put on an experiment and stop addiction is to stop Smoking. However, while it is only about a couple of days. According to star, he is quite comfortable without nicotine.

“I have decided not to smoke. Experiment. Two days without cigarettes. No nicotine filled me in a travel stupor much faster than it used to be. Thoughts that and before that rarely went through my head, now disappeared altogether. Cool,” — shared his impressions of Cords.

Fans of Sergei supported the artist and expressed the hope that the musician will be able to overcome their nicotine addiction and permanently abandon cigarettes. According to them, the artist have willpower. Many subscribers Shnurov also began to share with him their own experiences of struggle with addiction. “Thoughts will come, but later and lighter”, “Hold on and don’t give up”, “Left without any problems! All in our head”, “Suddenly abandoned this habit on the trip. After returning home, never lit”, “String achieved enlightenment” — commented the users of social networks.

Earlier Sergey Shnurov has repeatedly admitted that wants to get rid of bad habits. “Who wants to quit Smoking but can’t, that I,” wrote the leader of the “Leningrad” back in 2012.

Four years later, Sergei admitted that began less abuse of alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes have so was not able to refuse. Cords journalists complained about health problems due to addiction to nicotine. The musician said that he has “holes in the lungs”.