Агния Дитковските заинтриговала снимком с любимым мужчиной
The actress does not hide the name of the person given her heart.

Agnia Ditkovskite with his brother Dominique and their son Theodore

Photo: Instagram

After her divorce from Alexei Chadov in 2015 Agnes
Ditkovskite never shared details of his personal life. We only know that
she became a mother for the second time, but on the new chosen of the actress nothing

What surprise of fans when Agnes
posted on his microblog a photo of a handsome young man!

The she signed briefly: “Love.” However, the most
loyal followers immediately guessed that the photo shows the brother of Agnes,
18-year-old Dominic. The young man is grown up and became an adult!

The age of Dominic celebrated recently.
For this reason his mother, Tatiana lutaeva, placed on the page in social
network a touching message. “My love, my son! My pride, my
a sequel, here’s 18! In a good way! Thank you for the happiness to be your mom.
Love you. Be happy!”

To the day of his majority the young man reached
huge success. He is now studying in MSU
and runs parallel to the General Manager in the recruiting Agency.

Future profession Dominic chose the highest
management, which now develops at the faculty “High school of management and
innovation.” A talented young man, incidentally a year younger than his classmates. It
was because the House (so affectionately call the birthday child in the family) finished
school externally, instead of eleven years he studied for ten, saving
way a year.