Disassembly of high-end: why the star scandals before flights

Разборки высокого класса: зачем звезды устраивают скандалы перед авиарейсами This is the second day, social network users continue to discuss the behavior of the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice. The woman was removed from the flight, came to the indignation of the actions of flight attendants. “StarHit” remembered when other famous passengers out of yourself, if you are going to travel by plane.
Разборки высокого класса: зачем звезды устраивают скандалы перед авиарейсами

Yesterday the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice was removed from the flight from Moscow to Alma-ATA. During taxiing of the aircraft, the wife of the athlete did not obey the requirements of the crew, trying to change the diaper of a 10-month-old daughter. Arshavin admitted that outraged and wrote a letter to the stewardess. According to the woman, she wanted to change clothes of the child during the delay takeoff, and there was no conflict. The scandal at the center of which was Alice, has caused a mixed reaction among the Internet users: it has found both supporters and opponents, publicly condemned the behavior of Arshavina. “StarHit” remembered other high-profile cases when famous passengers was proven right.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin is preparing a lawsuit after the incident on the plane

Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova

In early January 2017 airport John F. Kennedy in new York city has suspended its work in connection with bad weather conditions. Snowfall paralyzed the air Harbor, more than three thousand flights were canceled, and the mayor of the city Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency. Among the passengers stranded in Queens, was the Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova, EN route from America to Russia. Once under stress, a woman threw a tantrum. She was worried that I may not meet my kids.

“Lies! We can’t, so what?.. I, the Director of the Tretyakov gallery, I’ll lie here on the floor? I will not, but tomorrow you get a call from the government about your ugly behavior,” said Tregulova.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov

In October 2016 the star of the movie “Boomer” was at the center of public attention because of the incident at “Vnukovo”. The officer said that Vdovichenkov grossly insulted him during the performance of professional duties. The actor, in turn, argued that the public servant behaved correctly and was molested by him. Between men there was a verbal altercation, after which an airport employee wrote a statement on Vdovichenkov, in which he asked to bring him to justice for “insulting human dignity”.

Dmitry Dyuzhev

Разборки высокого класса: зачем звезды устраивают скандалы перед авиарейсами

Colleague Vdovichenkov TV series “Brigade” also got in trouble at the airport. In November of last year Dmitry Dyuzhev told about the incident at the time of check-in. The actor, who flew business class passengers of “economy” refused to pass the queue. The incident left the actor in resentment, and he allowed himself a few harsh statements.

“This all suggests that it’s right for you, the audience, do this kind of crap and bullshit, these series cheap and worthless, — said the actor. — You deserve it! So, you deserve the product that you are looking at. I thought you were decent, cultural, educated, spiritual people — the Russians.”

After that, many publicly condemned the actor. So, Oleg Tabakov said that the statements Dyuzheva describe him as an uneducated man. According to Yuri Vines, requests from the Russian companies the same as any other. The musician felt that the artist did wrong, making the conclusion about their fellow citizens on the basis of the incident at the airport. At the same time, Mikhail Boyarsky decided to stand on the side Dyuzheva. In his opinion, Mr only allowed myself to throw out the emotions, and really doesn’t think so.

Alexander Emelianenko

Разборки высокого класса: зачем звезды устраивают скандалы перед авиарейсами

Fighter of the mixed style known for his difficult character and has been at the center of scandals. In April 2017, Alexander Emelyanenko was late for a flight to Grozny and expressed their dissatisfaction to the employee at the front Desk. Frustrated, the man decided to drink beer — first, on the second floor of “Vnukovo” and then in the bar on the ground. After some time, Emelianenko left, leaving my Luggage near the cafe. The airport staff had to call the handlers. Experts examined the Luggage of Alexander for banned substances, after which it was placed into a special chamber. A day later, Emelianenko is back in “Vnukovo” and took things, refusing to comment to journalists.

Aleksandr Baluev

In November of last year in the media appeared information that Alexander Balueva not allowed on the flight from Kaliningrad to Moscow. According to sources, the actor was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and allowed himself obscene remarks in the presence of children. In the network appeared the photo of a man on which he was captured together with the police. However, the Director Balueva said that he is now a year doesn’t drink anything stronger than wine. Alexander himself did not deny and deployed comment data, which received wide publicity. Movie star only noted that there was a misunderstanding, which “swelled up in the press.”

Katya LEL

Singer Katya LEL was extremely surprised when I received my Luggage in “Vnukovo”, returning from Makhachkala. Dear suitcase of the singer was revealed: unknown cut the bag, and on top of wrapped corporate package.

“Things there almost was not, — has told then the singer. And didn’t get anything: either not found, or did not have time,” said Kate.

Fans LEL was shocked by the barbaric opening of the suitcase and advised her to contact the police. However, the artist decided not to write a statement, as she found nothing missing. Instead, Kate has posted a short video on Instagram to alert followers.