Сергей Лазарев показал фото до и после макияжа

And everyone was surprised! Fans did not know that he wears makeup.

We have become accustomed to what such posts generally pleased with the model posting a photo before and after makeup. What surprise of fans when something like this showed Sergey Lazarev.

In his microblog on Instagram the popular singer shared an unusual frame. The photo shows the artist with makeup and without.

“Figaro… Before and after,” – said Lazarev in the caption to the photo. It turned out that to sit down on the chair to the makeup artist, the artist agreed for our own pleasure, and in preparation for the new performance.

In just a few hours the gathered nearly 50 thousand likes and the sea of flattering comments. Female fans, in particular, agreed that the “to” they like more! However, some still did not hold back from criticism of Sergei. Allegedly, the man and cosmetics – are incompatible.

Lazarev response from the comments so far refrained. And it is clear. The working time, and anywhere you will not get this.

Well, anyone interested in the performance with participation of stars of “Eurovision-2016”, waiting with open arms in the Theater. Pushkin. It was here that put the play on the famous play “the Marriage of Figaro”.

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