Наталья Орейро похудела и стала похожа на мумию

Where this pyshnogrudye actress who won the hearts of fans of the series “Wild angel”? Fans around the world discuss the changes Natalia: plastic or extreme weight loss?

At the end of the 90 girls around the world dreamed to be like her. Long dark hair, full lips, perfect figure and elegant voice.

Today the star continues to delight the audience with new songs: two years ago, the star has traveled to 15 Russian cities during the month with a new album.

Fans closely follow the life of a star in social networks and could not miss the fact that Natalie was not herself!

New photos of the stars shocked the audience: Oreiro changed my hair, cut bangs and very thin! Followers raised the alarm and said that Natalia was so into her cheeks that she looked like a mummy. “Something she lost a lot of weight. And bangs doesn’t suit her,” said the subscribers.

As it turned out, the changes stars has occurred not on their own: Oreiro took part in the new film, where she played the famous Argentinian singer, Gilda. In September, the day when a popular singer died tragically, the premiere of the film “Gilda: I don’t regret this love”.

On that not only are stars for their roles! Here you can read about how the stars extremely lost weight for movie roles.

Recall that recently, we were frightened by the appearance of Angelina Jolie. Once a feminine shape, reduced from the mind of all men, without exception, have dried up, slender legs became like sticks for eating sushi.

Speaking on British TV channel about the potential President of the United States, migrants and charity, she never imagined that all of her heartfelt speech, the audience will only remember bony feet of the speaker and a gaunt face with dark pits sunken cheeks.

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