Алина Кабаева сильно похудела

Olympic champion shocked the audience at the opening of the children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics.

More recently, Alina Kabaeva couldn’t come in shape after childbirth: the ex-gymnast was released after rumors of pregnancy and was surprised by all the curvaceous.

The appearance of 32-year-old Olympic champion threw the audience into shock. From the former chiseled figures of gymnasts is not gone. Alina was very stout, so figure flaws she had to hide under the red dress free cut. I must say that many also suggested that Alina really had a baby recently and just not had time to get in shape.

But the Olympic champion did not respond to the attacks of fans and proved by deeds, not words, to return to his old form it does not cost anything.

Recently passed children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”, where Kabaeva shocked the audience with his appearance! The athlete lost a lot of weight and looked amazing: Alina appeared at the event dressed in a black suit with rhinestones and glowed with happiness.

Kabaeva fans showered compliments. Indeed, the Olympic champion looks like in the best times of his career.

The organization of the event did the Foundation Alina Kabaeva, which helps large families.

By the way! Yesterday we were surprised by new pictures of Natalia Oreiro. Star changed my hair, cut bangs and very thin. Followers raised the alarm and said that Natalia was so into her cheeks that she looked like a mummy. “Something she lost a lot of weight. And bangs doesn’t suit her,” said the subscribers. However, in the end it turned out that a celebrity has radically changed the image for the new role.

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