Natalia Varvina of “House-2” serious operation

Наталье Варвиной из «Дома-2» предстоит серьезная операция

The star of the reality show, was hospitalized on the eve of a family holiday. In early June, Natalia Varvina and her husband Alexei Mikhailovsky celebrate its third anniversary from the date of the wedding.

Volgogradka Natalia Varvina, which became famous thanks to his participation in the popular reality show of channel TNT “Dom-2”, eve is not shared a very good news with followers of his microblog. One of the most prominent former member of the famous telestroke spoke about the serious health problems, for which she was hospitalized. As it turned out, Natalia Varvina have a serious operation.

However, the 33-year-old young woman is going through not only because of the fact that he was in the clinic. She has another reason to be sad. The fact is that in a hospital bed the beauty was on the eve of a very important family dates – the first days of June Varvina Natalia and her husband, the General producer of the project “Dom-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky celebrate its third anniversary from the date of the wedding.

“Today is our day! 3 years since we got hitched! — wrote Natalia Varvina in the microblog. “It was a marvelous day, he will forever remain in my memory. It is a pity that today we can’t celebrate our holiday… I am in the hospital. But nothing, as soon as you come to, it up to you. Yes, Alexey Mikhaylovskiy? I love you, you’re my soul mate”.

Subscribers Vallinas, after reading her post, was seriously worried. They immediately threw Natalya questions about her health and the causes of hospitalization. The star was quick to reassure his fans in the comments telling me what it is in the ENT Department of the Federal NFPs, where she will soon be doing the surgery on the nose, which will get rid of breathing problems. Followers Marvinol wish her a speedy recovery and congratulations to Natalia and her husband with a wedding anniversary, noting that their Union for many is a role model.

“No pain, Natasha! You are the best! Congratulations to your family, always happy to watch your videos”, “Natasha, stay healthy! I always enjoy watching your photos and videos! Huge happiness to you, my husband!” – such warm comments left by fans of Natalia Varvina under her post.

We will remind, Natalia Varvina a native of Volga city of Volgograd region. She graduated from the technical College, but always wanted to get into show business. In 2007 Vallina came to the project “Dom-2”, where he spent four bright years, winning the love of fans, but never managing to build a love with any of the participants of the reality show. In 2011, Natalie left telestroke and remained in the capital, as it turned out, in order to build relationships with the General producer of “House-2” Alexei Mikhailovsky. First couple secretly got married and then were married in the summer of 2013.

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