Sergey Druzhko became the father of many children

Сергей Дружко стал многодетным отцом His wife Elena gave birth to a son. Fans of the actor and TV presenter leave warm wishes to the parents. According to some, wife, friend and baby are both doing well. The name of the child yet no reports.
Сергей Дружко стал многодетным отцом

Senior program TNT “Inexplicable, but fact” and Creator of the popular Network Show Sergey Druzhko friend for the third time became a father. Last weekend wife Elena gave him a son. As it became known, the boy was born healthy. The heir of the works weighs 2 kilos 980 grams and growth of 50 centimeters.

The happy parents have not yet disclosed the name of the baby. Have a friend grow up two sons from his marriage to actress Olga on the roof, Eugene and Plato. With his second wife Elena, he met St. Peterburge in the company of mutual friends, and in February 2017 they got married.

Recall that in early April, Youtube launched the author project friend. At the beginning of each issue discusses the latest news of Internet, the most recent memes and popular videos. According to the showman, he understands that the main source of information is the world wide web.

Host of “Inexplicable, but fact” that explained how to succeed in Network

“TV goes by the wayside, and the Internet is. But you know what shocked me? Despite its popularity, there is no transmission about the Internet… Probably. I had to go on a world Network to solve the problem fundamentally,” the friend said, starting the channel.

Netizens are actively discussing each new release of Sergei Druzhko. Lately everyone who watches his channel, noted that the style has changed a bit, but the commercials were not funny. “Something boyfriend already not happy”, “Me sick with each release more and more?!”, “Dislike”, – criticized the 11 episode show Sergei.

Several years ago, a friend even acted in films. Soon he will return to his acting activities. Autumn show-entreprise “angel from Bavaria”, which also played Egor Barinov, Yulia Takshina, Ekaterina Volkova, and many others.