Настасья Самбурская устроила «медовый месяц» с незнакомцем The actress shared a photo with a mysterious young man. Nastasya Samburski chose to hide the face of his companion. However, fans of the young singer immediately recognized the mysterious stranger film star Kirill Gitsevich, which was assumed by fans, the actress romantically involved.

Nastasya Samburski loves to provoke the audience with his controversial actions. Her “Instagram” video is full of fun and daring photos. This time the actress has given rise to rumors of a torrid affair among their fans. The star posted a picture with a young man, but he prudently concealed.

“The man chose to remain anonymous”, – has signed a frame Nastasya, adding the hashtag “happiness loves silence”.

However, fans of the actress was not difficult to calculate the mysterious stranger. It appeared to be a Belarusian actor Cyril, Gicevic, with whom Nastasia has a rest in Thailand. Young man 24 years old, but he already played in several films and television series. Fans of Nastasia came to the conclusion that their idol and movie star associated not druzhesskie relationship.

Samburski recently shared another photo with the young man, hinting at held the wedding. “Newlyweds”, – has signed a frame star of “Univer”. In the picture Nastasia and Cyril sit on the moped and seem very happy. The news of the possible marriage caused a huge interest of the subscribers of the stars, but most of them come to the conclusion that the aspiring singer was just joking. Nastasya Samburski intrigued by the message about the wedding

Fans of the actress at first doubted the realism of this novel, because Nastasia prefers not to advertise personal life. But now her followers are inclined to believe that Samburski really found love. Publish a new picture aroused a storm of excitement, and fans flooded the girl with compliments. “Happiness, luck and lots of joy together”, “You are incredibly handsome couple,” commented on a photo admirers of the star.

However, the interest fans have caused not only a novel Nastasya, but her perfect figure. The girl appeared in the picture in her skimpy bikini that emphasized her shapely legs and washboard abs. The artist herself has repeatedly held that spends a lot of time in the gym, perfecting your body.

Despite the many collaborative frames with Cyril, some subscribers Samburski still caught her of insincerity. Fans of the star think that she is trying by all means to attract attention, including exposing a fake relationship. Anyway, in the picture Nastasia looks happy and rested.