Адель стремительно теряет голос The singer interrupted his large-scale tour. On the official website of the star reported, according to which Adele can’t sing at Wembley stadium as planned earlier, because of serious problems with the ligaments.

Fans of the singer Adele is sad, because their idol has serious voice problems. Despite the fact that until the end of the Grand tour artist was only two concerts, she decided to interrupt his speech. On its official website, the young woman admitted, why abandon the planned activities.

“I overdid it on the last two shows. I had to sing much louder than usual. I had to constantly cough, especially in the speech yesterday. Tonight I visited my doctor, because all day I had no voice, and it turned out that I have seriously damaged vocal cords. For medical reasons I just can’t make this weekend. To say that I’m heartbroken would be an understatement. I’m tired of taking steroids and tablets to your voice” – shared the singer.

Adele apologized to his fans for the failure of their plans, promising that each of them will return money for tickets purchased. According to analysts ‘ estimates, the last two performances of the actress was to visit 200 thousand people. Many of the admirers of the stars were going to come at her statement from the other countries of Europe, and some fans specially went to London from the US.

Fans of the singer supported her and wished her a speedy recovery. “I hope that soon you’ll feel better,” “Adele, get well soon. We miss your music,” commented the news fans of the British star.

Recently, the artist has made another shocking statement during one of the performances she said that she was going to finish the concert. Problems with bands are constantly concerned about the star, so each big show transformed for her trial. Besides, Adele said that she wanted to spend more time with her husband Simon and son Angelo.

However, fans do not despair, because she didn’t abandon music completely. Adel stressed that he will continue to record new songs, because can’t imagine my life without songs.