Бизнес Анны Калашниковой терпит убытки Shop actress brings her the desired profit. As told to Anna Kalashnikova, model of the dresses ordered for the summer, not popular with clients. Celebrity blames the rainy weather.
Бизнес Анны Калашниковой терпит убытки

Actress and singer Anna Kalashnikov owns a clothing store. Like other businesswoman, ordering goods for the boutique, a celebrity is guided by fashion trends and climatic conditions of Russia. This year, however, Anna failed to sell most of summer collection. According to the artist, because of this the shop may have lost 400 thousand rubles.

“Blame it on the cold! In late spring we brought summer collection. And if in the beginning of may it bought, now it is not in demand. No one takes! In my memory the first time. Usually summer clothes sold well. Our buyers ran and asked the cloaks, and even coats! And we had nothing to offer: we observe a seasonality,” – said Kalashnikov.

To get out of this situation, Anna and the team of designers decided to change the range. The store brought dresses with long sleeves and a more closed style. “We even got some things from last year’s fall collection,” added Anna. Kalashnikov hopes that in the other summer months, they will be able to increase sales.

However, Anna tries not to despair and wants its followers to keep a positive attitude, despite the weather.

The “Golden rule of life – don’t worry about what you can’t change, accept the situation for what it is. After all, we’re not trying to change the weather, but just dress for the weather. Positive all week, friends, optimism, and even showers and cold summer we should not spoil the mood,” said Kalashnikov in the microblog.

According to “the Source”, Anna did not even hope to profit from the business this summer. However, according to her, other entrepreneurs working in the same field, fared no better.

“Recently I spoke with the owner of a large portal, selling apparel, it all the same. People are asking for warm clothes, and their is not available. We have very modest storage units. We brought summer and autumn and winter passed. Because of this and suffer huge losses! I even offered to contact psychics to find out when it will be warm” – shared model.

Such problems Kalashnikova do not bother landlords. They are not going to reduce the fee for the room. Kalashnikov checks the weather forecast to know exactly when to start selling the fall collection.