Maria Maksakova came to the meeting with the Minister in transparent dress

Мария Максакова пришла на встречу с министром в прозрачном платье The Opera singer chose a provocative outfit that perfectly fits the body. Not long ago, Maria Maksakova has lost 16 pounds and now demonstrates a chiseled figure.
Мария Максакова пришла на встречу с министром в прозрачном платье

In may of each Opera singer Maria Maksakova Arthur Gasparyan captured her in the semifinal of the musical contest “Eurovision” and noted that a celebrity has lost 16 pounds. Now the artist does not hide the beautiful shape and prefer a rather bold outfits. She recently spoke with actor and Minister of culture of Ukraine Eugene Nischuk. For an informal meeting in one of the cafes Maksakova chose a slinky see-through black dress. Outfit beautifully emphasized slender legs of the singer. Followers of the actress considered her image is very stylish and not stinted on the compliments. They noted that Maria looks incredibly fresh.

Мария Максакова пришла на встречу с министром в прозрачном платье “The Beauty Of Mary! Forces to you and health”, “it’s Always nice to see beautiful, smart, talented, sincere and courageous women!”, “Eyes shining sparks of life! Smile is incredible!” – written by enthusiastic users on the Network.

As it turned out, the reason for the meeting with the Minister of culture was a draw for the pranker Vova and Lexus. They had Opera diva Yevhen Nyshchuk, and then made a phone conversation public.

Not so long ago, Maria decided to break up with blond hair and changed my hair – she made a stylish haircut, which completely transformed. Maksakova explained by the fact that her life has completely changed and now she doesn’t have time to curl your curls every day. Opera diva to attend social events in Kiev, communicating with journalists and is actively page in the social network. Thinner Maria Maksakova decided on a bold transformation

Because of the rapid life in Kiev Maksakova does not seek to return to Russia, despite the fact that here, waiting for her two children – 12-year-old Ilya and eight-year-old Lyudmila. When Mary, her husband Denis Voronenkov and a son Ivan left Moscow in the past year, the woman left the heirs with their father Vladimir Tyurin. In an interview, the singer stated that he sees nothing reprehensible in the fact that the eldest son and her daughter to stay with dad. The artist limits himself to dealing with children, because they do not want to talk to former civil spouse. She is happy that Elijah and People like to be together with Tyurin. Despite the fact that with Vladimir, she lived quite a long time, she calls it “a big mistake”. Maria Maksakova touched by the scenes of grown-up son