Сергей Безруков стал худруком нескольких театров

Sergey Bezrukov will lead to multiple theaters, either two or three (the press reports different information). According to some media reports, the actor has been the artistic Director of the Moscow regional chamber theatre and the Moscow regional drama theatre named after Ostrovsky. According to other members of the press, Sergey headed the Moscow regional house of arts “Kuzminki” — under the roof of this complex is the two theatre plus the theatre “Russian ballet”.

Acting Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov hoped that through Bezrukov House of arts will be able to raise your prestige, artistic quality and popularity. “For a long time there was no one person who can inspire new creative impulse, to the halls of the theater was filled to capacity. Most importantly, here was the repertoire that was demanded by the audience, and involved the maximum number of people that are already working a long time within these walls,” said the official.

In turn, Sergey said that he will combine his new job with the service in “Snuff”. The actor has not given a detailed creative plans, saying only that is the idea to put “Running”. In addition, Bezrukov intends not only to take charge of the arts, but also to go on the stage as an artist.

“I would like to have a good do work atmosphere, creative atmosphere. Experiments can be very different. What I said “I love classics” doesn’t mean only the classics and nothing but classics. If it’s an interesting proposal, interesting Directors and interesting shape – great. I will have to show their imagination of artistic Director, to see how to take the troupe,” — concluded Sergey.

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