Художественный руководитель Московского театра «Современник» Галина Волчек в реанимации

Terrible news caught everyone by surprise fans and simply not indifferent citizens of Russia and the former Soviet Union that a famous Soviet and Russian theater and film actress and theater Director Galina Volchek, who is the artistic Director of the Moscow theater “Contemporary” is in serious condition in intensive care on a ventilator.
86-year-old famous Director Galina Volchek is currently in a hospital in Moscow’s Botkin. She was taken to hospital 23 December, and every day her health was deteriorating. As it became known, the woman was in his country house in the village Rozhnivka, which is part of the Odintsovo municipal district of Moscow region, when health started to deteriorate rapidly. One of the reasons that drove such a rapid deterioration of health, became pneumonia. According to another version, the woman had sudden problems with the heart. At the time of arrival of the emergency medical service carriage, the doctors ascertained at Galina a state of “coma”. At the moment the woman is under the supervision of doctors, after all resuscitation. Used drugs the desired effect do not give. Galina is in an unstable state.

Художественный руководитель Московского театра «Современник» Галина Волчек в реанимации
According to information of the doctors who shed light on the health Volchek, women double pneumonia with complications, resulting in developed atelectasis. Atelectasis – spadenie this lobe of the lung that eslovenos in connection with the processes of destruction of tissues of the internal organ.
It is worth noting that Galina already been in a situation when you were in need of emergency medical care in 2014, a woman was in intensive care because of recorded atrioventricular heart block.

All relatives, colleagues and friends, fans and ordinary citizens of the country to the status of Galina and wish a speedy recovery.

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