Советы по избавлению от алкоголя в январе 2020-го: советы от Дэниела Макги как стать здоровым в Новом году!

With the coming 2020! What could be better than to start the new year than to start the month of January exactly say “dry”? If you start the year with, that will not drink, you will get the best shape in my life, and we have expert tips on how to survive it!
Dry January means no drinking alcohol for the entire month. This will not only cleanse your liver but also completely cleanses your life and helps you to start the new year with renewed vigor. While staying sober can seem difficult, but Daniel McGee, author and Director of the community treatment Center hope Horizon, shared the secrets to journalists their tips on how to get through a month and feel better.

Советы по избавлению от алкоголя в январе 2020-го: советы от Дэниела Макги как стать здоровым в Новом году!
“It won’t be easy, explains Daniel, author of the new autobiography “In pursuit of plywood sun”. “For me as a daily drinker before man, the first month of sobriety was hard. I had to learn to act sober in social situations and even in work situations. I had to learn how to face obstacles and overcome difficulties, not drinking for courage or drinking, so the pain is gone. I felt like a child who had to re-learn the basics of life.”
Dry January does not have to be just a month, you can raise it to a whole new level, refraining from alcohol during the entire year, but no matter how long you decide to stay sober, Daniel explains his advice to overcome it.
1. “Benefits start “dry” law: for those who drink on weekends or for anyone who is not necessarily an alcoholic but uses alcohol as a means of escape or stress relief, “Dry January “will teach you fun new ways to relieve stress in new ways to find new things to look forward to on the weekends, and also to help you learn how to live in the moment.
2. “The process will be difficult: the beginning of the month will be difficult, but after three, four weeks, people will begin to enjoy this new lifestyle. Their life will begin its upgrade, will be more complete and perfect. People will also feel physically healthier and more proud of myself and feel more confident.
3. “The insiders tips for success: plan to fill his newfound free time continuing obligations, such as yoga classes, dance classes, personal training or other Hobbies according to their taste. Most importantly, find friends who support you and who are also looking for a more fulfilling, purpose filled life.

4. “What happens in February? At the end of January will be tempting to go back to drinking again because they have deluded themselves into thinking that it will be fine. If they like this new feeling of sobriety and the life it gave them, then I suggest to set another deadline for their abstinence”.

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