Дэниел Рэдклифф получил роль в новой части фильма от Marvel

Дэниел Рэдклифф получил роль в новой части фильма от Marvel

The popular 30-year-old British actor Daniel Radcliffe, who gained worldwide popularity due to the main role in the film “Harry Potter,” will return to the big screen. This time he managed to get a big role in the film from Marvel called “Moon knight”.

After Daniel finished working in the franchise “Harry Potter” he was offered only small roles in low-budget films. For example, it can be seen in such films as “Miracle workers”, “Jungle”, “Human Swiss army knife” and others.

Now he will be the hero in the fifth scene of the Marvel universe, where he will play the role of another superhero. This role needs to return to its former popular actor, at least he hopes.

His hero Moon knight was originally a normal human who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. In one of the tasks the man was wounded, and to escape and finish the job, he makes a deal with an ancient God.

The status of the superhero is no such abilities: great martial arts, lightning-quick healing from wounds and injuries, astral vision. However, these abilities are accompanied by a severe mental disorder, which the character will fight.

Shooting pictures will be on the UK, that is why the Directors were interested in the actor who would have lived in this country. Radcliffe is interviewed and got the role. Film premiere to be held in November-December 2021, to shoot the same picture, like all the previous parts Marvel, Disney+.

By the way, if you go back to talking about Harry Potter, the eighth book about a wizard “Harry Potter and the cursed child” ready-to-film adaptation. When the shooting will start is still unknown, but the role of Harry naturally belongs to Daniel. “Harry Potter and the cursed child” became one of the most successful Broadway plays in history of the theater.

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