Sergei Zhukov showed all his children

Сергей Жуков показал всех своих детей
The leader of group “Hands Up” became the father of many children.

Photo: Instagram

Sergei Zhukov boasted to fans the most valuable thing he has in life — children.

“Army of students “Hands Up” — this has long been family people, — says the singer. — We see at our concerts their kids are lit along with the parents. This is so touching and incredibly cool! My contribution to demography is a two wonderful daughters: Amanda (16 years old) and nick (9 years old) and two sons: angel (7 years) and Miron (3 years)”.

Sergey admitted that the photos are not new, but his children all together. It was taken during a holiday by the sea. Now Zhukov already have the opportunity to take on holiday and the eldest daughter Sasha. The fact that Sergey and his first wife Elena broke up not so peacefully. And for the first time, especially when the singer’s life appeared Regina Burd — the love of his life, ex-wife was very jealous of his communication with his daughter. But all these conflicts for a long time in the past. 16-year-old Sasha loves his little sister a nick, and two brothers, Myron and Angela. It has also established good relations with his father’s wife. And how else, if favorite dad just adores her. This year Sergey and Regina made a very important step — they were married.

Love story Sergey and Regina began almost ten years ago — in December of this year the couple will celebrate pink wedding. Singer so long “pulled” with the wedding not just. The fact that the leader of group “Hands Up” to Christianity just three years ago. Since then, the couple searched the time and opportunity to fulfill a cherished dream. It is worth noting that the family Zhukova is considered in the world of showbiz exemplary. Together Sergey and Regina are raising three children while the couple is still without memory in love with each other.