Macaulay Culkin gave his beloved a romantic date in Paris

Маколей Калкин устроил своей любимой романтическое свидание в Париже
The actor began a new life.

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda song

The last time Macaulay Culkin pleases his fans. Actor
looks much better, it is actively removed, and now got a new
friend who appear to be having a positive effect.

On the days the paparazzi managed to shoot 37-year-old actor on the streets of Paris with his new girlfriend — 29-year-old actress Brenda song. Reporters
who managed to trace the couple
found that to start Macaulay went with his beloved on shopping, where, in addition to
other things, bought for her a large toy polar bear. And then
staged a romantic “get-togethers” in the cafe.

For the first time Culkin “spotted” with Brenda in the summer — when they had dinner with
the candles in the Los Angeles restaurant “Craig”. And
in September they were seen walking arm in arm in the Park California Buena Park. As it became known, with Brenda
Macaulay met this year on the set of the Changeland tragicomedy — history
on the journey of two friends in Thailand that changed their lives. In Thailand,
where for five weeks were shooting this movie and had an affair Culkin with his new

According to friends of Macaulay, who was last married to Rachel
Miner, and then as much as 9 years have met with Mila kunis, the Brand contributed
Kalkin switching to a more healthy lifestyle that significantly affected
his appearance. But not so long ago about scary skinny actor went
rumors that he was addicted to heroin. Difficult to say for sure how these
the rumors corresponded to the real situation, but judging by how it looks
actor, he clearly coped with their problems.