Mariah Carey was forced to pay her ex-fiancé

Мэрайя Кэри заставила раскошелиться бывшего жениха
Singer nice work on my broken marriage.

Мэрайя Кэри заставила раскошелиться бывшего жениха

Mariah Carey and James Packer


Mariah Carey triumphant. She managed to get
with her former fiance — billionaire
James Packer’s multimillion dollar
compensation. The singer has requested from her fiancé, a substantial sum for what
allegedly went to great expense to prepare for the wedding, which took place,
because the Packer it suddenly quit.

Initially Carey claimed with James just
incredible the amount of 50 million dollars. As announced by Mariah, she has managed to buy
fabulously expensive dress and pay in advance is also not cheap
accessories for the upcoming ceremony… besides, as explained by the singer, she
for almost a year, almost gave up his career — because of an affair with James. To
also, she moved with the children to another area of America, to be closer to
beloved. So Mariah decided that it is entitled to obtain legal, from her point
vision, compensation for her
losses. One of the main points of her claims, new home in Los Angeles,
which she now needed. As for the luxury
engagement ring with an unprecedented, even for Hollywood-sized diamonds (in
35 carats!), which gave her her fiance’s engagement party, the possibility
his return Mariah is not even discussed. She said that gifts are not

Mariah showed such persistence, and James so
didn’t want to get involved in litigation, which he threatened Cary that he
prefer to pay off. And Packer agreed to pay her a sum
less than she wanted, but still enough to leave him alone. 47-year-old Mariah this news is exceedingly pleased and raised mood which she
the last time was unimportant — due to the fact that she had
illness to cancel a number of concerts of his Christmas tour.

Mariah Carey