Сергей Жуков потерял отца Popular artist experiencing the death of a loved one. Sergei Zhukov can not come to terms with this irretrievable loss. Tonight daddy artist passed away.

      The soloist popular in 90-e years of group “Hands upwards” Sergey Zhukov today are faced with an irreplaceable loss. Gone from the life of the closest person to the artist is his father. The musician with difficulty experiencing the pain of losing a parent. All the relatives grieved over the sudden death of Eugene Zhukov. “StarHit” contacted the wife of Sergey Regina Burd to Express sympathy to the whole family.

      “Tonight dad Serezha did not. The whole family is very worried. More I have nothing to say”, – said the artist’s wife, not hiding tears.

      Due to the sudden death of his father Zhukov was forced to cancel their performances. The fans are well aware, with what love and respect are the most devoted to their parents. His children also love spending time in the company of grandparents.

      Sergei tries to come up with some traditions that could not be better to unite the whole family. Now Sergey has three children – nick, Angela, and little Myron. “Our family has a wonderful tradition: the evening before bed we sit down at the table, light a candle, and everyone talks about how their day has been. Children usually ask that I also said something, – said Zhukov. – I talk about my job to realized that my mom and I also got things to do. And once nick and angel asked me a question: “Daddy, why do you work? We have the same and the way it is”. It was brilliant! And because it is difficult to argue. I had to explain that work is a big job, and to us it was, my mom and I have a lot of work”.

      Parents try to instill in our children the love of work and understanding that can be achieved only through their own efforts. After the birth of Myron Sergey and Regina has revised its approach to education. According to them, before everything revolved around children, and the birth of the youngest son they decided not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

      “If nick we slept, the house was quiet, and God forbid someone snap my fingers,” recalled the singer. – It was only for her sake, for the sake of a small lump. With Myron, when he is asleep, we turned on the TV, the music plays, the children sing and no one is trying to adapt. It is absolutely normal”.

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