Леонид Якубович пошутил на тему своих похорон Within a month the titles of the various publications were full of the news that the famous presenter of the program “Field of miracles” has died. Journalists were quick to draw conclusions and put forward various versions of the death of the showman. The actor then said “StarHit”, what with leading all right. And recently Leonid Abramovich has personally denied all the rumors about the state of his health.

      In the last month, the press has repeatedly discussed the death of Leonid Yakubovich, the permanent presenter of the program “Field of miracles”, which airs on the First channel. A number of publications have reported that the 71-year-old showman of serious health problems, and he went to pass inspection in Germany. Media reported about the illness of Leonid Yakubovich

      The representative of the presenter Anatoly assured “StarHit”, with Leonid Arkadievich all right, he is alive and well. A few days in this could make sure the visitors the ceremony of the Omsk award “national hero”. Yakubovich was the guest of honor of this event a regional scale. The presenter delivered a speech, noting the importance of the project. The award is given to residents who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the region, and those whose acts should take an example.

      Omsk journalists were able to talk personally with the presenter of the iconic programme. Yakubovich in the beginning of the interview literally stunned companion.

      “If you read the Internet, I’m surprised you today’s interview came without flowers. Today, 40 days since I died. Can read, I had a heart attack, and this is the fourth time,” said Yakubovich journalist of the local TV channel.

      In the course of the conversation Leonid Arkadevich has told the TV audience about his love of aviation and expressed his deep regrets that he could not attend the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Omsk. According to the presenter, the prize is necessary because the younger generation needs people to look up to.

      “The idea is awesome, wonderful. Need an example, words to educate children should not, children should be someone similar, they want it. Before they really wanted to be like the pilots because I was Gromov, Baydukov, Belyakov, because were those who saved papanintsev. When the first cosmonauts, many wanted to be astronauts, knowing all the names of Gagarin, Titov, Beregovoy, Tereshkova. It is necessary to do, I really like this idea”, – said Yakubovich.

      The source of Leonid could not fail to note how the fit TV presenter. Yakubovich admitted that in the fight against excess weight has helped him a lot exercise. Leading decided to make such change for the family. After the entertainer changed his lifestyle, he dropped 32 pounds.

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