Айза Анохина раскрыла истинную причину развода с Гуфом The ex-wife of rapper spoke about the difficult decision. It turns out that ISA was required to gather strength and courage to break the bonds of marriage. The girl begged Gufa to let her go.

      Many fans Gufa for many years watched the development of the novel of the rapper and his companion ISA. When the lovers were married, nor to whom it was not a surprise. And in 2010 the couple had a son named Sam. Apparently, family life proved to be challenging for the couple. After the birth of the child was followed by a series of scandals and showdowns that culminated in the divorce. Now ISA is married to a surfer does Anaheim. After a few weeks she will give Sam a brother. Pregnant ISA Anokhin considered the face of the future baby

      Ex-wife Gufa happy, but it was not always so. Once Eva realized that marriage with a well-known performer doesn’t make her a happy woman. The gap pair was very slowly and painfully. The girl literally begged her beloved to let her go.

      “At that time, I have for many years had a family, but it does not bring happiness neither me nor my husband, nor our child. I decided it was time to break the cycle and leave. I very well remember his words: “If you can’t make me happy, let it go, because I can’t make happy his son.” And just when I did, became really smile and saw the smile on Sam, and it is most important to me,” admits the star.

      To start life with a clean slate was not easy. But ISA was already mentally prepared for the upcoming challenges. She is tuned in to positive and plunged head first into work and the education of Sam. A little later came the long-awaited happiness.

      “My life turned around – I used to provided, all bought, and suddenly I found myself without money, apartments, cars – without anything so used. But I learned to work, loved to do it. And at night dreamed of the man I met now,” says Anokhin in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

      We will remind, not so long ago Guf flew to Bali, where the family lives ISA to check in on son of Sam. The meeting between the former spouses over the scandal. The next day after returning home, the rapper has published in his microblog post, in which he hinted that the current spouse star is cruelty. These words deeply angered the ex-wife of the contractor.

      Meeting Gufa and new husband ISA has ended with loud scandal

      “Jealousy of the father for another man, to a man who does not claim the role of father to Sam, but he loves me and knows my son is my universe. And hence it too! – posted by ISA Guhu. – My man is Mature, loving and a caring person, able to make as perfect someone else’s child! And instead of thanking him, you’re to blame! Not in person, but here! Not the wrath of God! Do not slander”.

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