Sergei Shnurov invited to participate in “Eurovision”

Сергею Шнурову предложили участие в «Евровидении» After Russia took third place at the international competition, many Internet users still can not calm down. They offer to send on “Eurovision” Sergey Shnurov. The leader of the “Leningrad” commented on the situation.

      Сергею Шнурову предложили участие в «Евровидении»

      Sergey Lazarev performed at the Eurovision song contest with the song “You Are The Only One” and entered the top three, taking third place. This happened despite the fact that many bookmakers called Lazareva favorite competition, and his colleagues predicted the singer’s victory, which he had every reason — difficult and beautiful room with special effects, catchy song and charisma. No wonder Sergey became the best following the results of the popular vote.

      Stars support Sergey Lazarev after Eurovision

      Many are so strongly hoped for the first place Sergey Lazarev, still can not calm down. In social networks every few minutes appear posts about the unfairness of the competition results. In the virtual space also “walks” meme with a photo of the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov — users of the Internet offer to send in 2017 to contest it. Such an act, they are motivated by the fact that the Cords will show the foreigners the real Russian soul and the attitude of “Eurovision”, which formed the majority after the announcement of its results.

      Сергею Шнурову предложили участие в «Евровидении»

      This meme unwittingly supported Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also watched the Eurovision and was actively rooting for Sergey Lazarev. And, after learning the results, made on Twitter with the idea of sending in the next year from Russia’s Sergei Shnurov. “The next Eurovision song contest will send Shnurov. To win will not win, but somewhere all will send them” — he wrote on the social network.

      Сергею Шнурову предложили участие в «Евровидении»

      The message Rogozin instantly picked up by the media and ordinary Internet users. Many began to seriously discuss this statement and even started to choose a song with which the Cords can go on “the Eurovision”. According to most, good choice — the Leningrad song “Moscow, for whom your call bell.” They also discussed why the leader of the controversial group should go to the competition. “Cords will Express the opinion of almost all the people of Russia, and from the heart”, “you have to go to “trolling” all next year, Yes, the Cords just won, will sing another song about louboutins,” “We will show them gruel”, — wrote in social networks.

      New clip of group “Leningrad” became the biggest hit of the Russian Internet

      Himself Sergey Shnurov quickly reacted to Rogozin’s post. The leader of the “Leningrad” and the author of the hit “Exhibit, which currently has over 72 million views on YouTube, expressed his opinion on Instagram. Handling the Cords did not refuse to participate in “Eurovision”, but also has not stated about the readiness to go to the contest from Russia.

      “Lived. It turns out that of the 140 million citizens, even send can only be one. He writes about this in his Twitter Deputy Prime Minister of a nuclear power… And Russian people, like a fairytale hero, refers to the Cord as evil spirits of a lower order together to defeat absolute evil fairy in his fabulous lair, and showed us the magic mirror,” wrote the Cords in his microblog.

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