Proskuryakova Nikolaev and had a picnic outside the city

Проскурякова и Николаев устроили пикник за городом To the starry pair were joined by the eldest daughter of composer Julia. The family, which not often manages to assemble the full staff, made the company famous actor Sergei Shakurov. Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev their guests had a great time in nature.

      Проскурякова и Николаев устроили пикник за городом

      Celebrity couple Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev these days have hosted the eldest daughter of Maestro Julia Nikolaev, which is known to be living in America. And in these may days, Julia came to his father and his family in Jurmala

      In honour of the dear guests the couple had a picnic, climbed out of town into the countryside. Friendly family, who seldom get to together in full strength, apparently, is really excited about the idea to relax this way. And Yulia Proskuryakova Nikolaev and Yulia almost simultaneously posted on the microblogging filled with happiness pictures taken during the picnic.

      “Spring day outdoors in the company of friends and family”, – signed photo of the eldest daughter of Maestro Igor Nikolaev. “To get out into nature with the family on the ear – a real buzz!”, – echoed the eldest daughter of her beloved husband Yulia Proskuryakova. The wife and the eldest daughter of Igor Nikolaev is not only the namesake, they are close to each other in age and getting along well. By the way, among the participants of the feast in the open air famous actor Sergei Shakurov. Incidentally, people’s artist assumed the role of breadwinner. It was Sergei Kayumovich caught trout, which was cooked and delicious to the ear, which with undisguised pleasure ate friendly company.

      It is worth noting that the eldest daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia came to stay in Jurmala for a couple of days ago. A young woman reported about it in the microblog, sharing with followers the joy over the meeting with her younger sister Veronica – the daughter of a father and his young wife Julia Proskuryakova.

      Проскурякова и Николаев устроили пикник за городом

      “Hi SIS! I was waiting for this meeting! My little sweetheart”, signed Julia Nikolaeva collage of images on which she was captured along with her younger sister, a week marked seven months since the birth.

      By the way, Julia Nikolaeva was one of the first to see Veronica after her birth in October of last year. “SIS looks like daddy, – enthusiastically told the “StarHit” Julia Nikolaev to get acquainted with sister. Even gestures. And rests on the barrel so as he had when falling asleep in front of the TV on the couch. And face it. Eyes gray-green stares – looks at where she found herself. Already smiles and yawns are so sweet! Almost stopped crying, but quietly grunting when trying to move.”

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