Cornelia Mango and groom acquired luxury housing

Корнелия Манго с женихом приобрели элитное жилье The singer and her partner choose where you will live after the wedding. Cornelia Mango happy that her fiance was able to insist to buy their own homes. Now after marriage, wedding and honeymoon, the future spouses is situated in a luxury residential complex.

      Корнелия Манго с женихом приобрели элитное жилье

      On 16 June the popular singer Cornelia Mango and her lover Bohdan, Durg will become husband and wife. Now the young couple is already being prepared for the upcoming celebration and negotiates all details of the holiday. But the future newlyweds in anticipation of the happiest day in their life don’t forget about the more pressing issues, namely about where to live is a newly formed family. The singer bought an apartment in a luxury residential complex in Mitino. Cornelia admitted that the purchase of housing inspired by her love of Bogdan.

      “We have a very long way to go. But I used to think that it’s better to live in a rented apartment because you did not hold. But now that we will soon be a family, we decided to invest and to buy their homes. I’m so pleased that all the calculations were done by my man because I don’t know how to save money,” said Mango.

      According to the singer, it is her choice insisted to cut unnecessary expenses and spend the money to buy his own apartment. Cornelia is happy that her fiancé was coming to the choice of housing is very reasonable. They considered a few apartments and settled on the best option.

      “There is very comfortable, there are kindergartens, schools. In the future, when we have children, it would be great if they went there,” the dreams of a graduate of “factory of stars”. Cornelia’s fiance is also excited about the new housing. “There is a forest where you can breathe fresh air. This modern luxury residential complex, closed and well guarded”, said Bogdan.

      Корнелия Манго с женихом приобрели элитное жилье

      Immediately after the honeymoon Cornelia Bogdan and plan to settle in the new apartment, which is located on the last floor of the four houses. They hope that within a short period of time to make repairs and even to participate directly in this process.

      “I want all our style. Need a design that suited us. Professionals will do all the basic work, but design things to fulfill themselves. We have an apartment as a Studio – we specifically do not want to separate the space with walls, and decorate different areas. We want to have lots of light so I could paint, and Bogdan will be able to engage in creative work”, – said Cornelia.

      Moreover, now the young couple have plans to buy an apartment in the Crimea, whence comes the groom artist.

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