Сергей Сафронов рассекретил пол будущего ребенка The magician and his wife preparing for the birth of the baby. Now Sergey Safonov and Ekaterina buying things for the unborn child and even admitted that he had even decided how to call the child.
Сергей Сафронов рассекретил пол будущего ребенка

Very soon in the house of the illusionist Sergey Safronov and his wife Catherine will sound the voice of a child – next month the couple have a baby. 35-year-old magician already has a son and a daughter from a previous marriage with Maria. Now the couple is in joyful anticipation and preparation for baby’s arrival – they arrange photo shoots and go shopping.

Recently, Sergei and Ekaterina found out the sex of the baby and decided to share the joy with their fans. They reported that they have a daughter. As it turned out, the couple even decided how to call a successor, but has decided not to reveal all secrets.

“We’re having a girl! We already have a name picked out! On Tuesday we will go back to the shops to prepare for the hospital,” – said Safronov.
Сергей Сафронов рассекретил пол будущего ребенка

Sergey admitted that he looks forward to when his wife will become a mother. “I honestly never cared what sex a baby, because then there will be another and so on. God willing and health permits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But Kate was not still. She really wanted the…” – told the artist, but didn’t want to admit who dreamed of his wife. He noted that regardless of gender, Catherine will warm the child with love and give all tenderness.

For 29-year-old girl is the first child. Safronov hopes that his ex-wife Maria will share their experience with Catherine, because between them there is hostility. After the divorce, the illusionist managed to maintain a great relationship with ex-wife, he is constantly seen with children and spends enough time with them. Besides, he left the apartment, Maria found happiness in his personal life, but because she doesn’t blame ex-husband.

Сергей Сафронов рассекретил пол будущего ребенка

Sergei and Ekaterina met through work, she worked as assistant of the trio of brothers Safronov. The artist is tired of bachelor life and discovered romantic feelings for his assistant and even dared to tell her, but she didn’t react to the words seriously. However, Catherine agreed to go on a date, after which they became inseparable. No tricks: Sergei Safronov secretly married pregnant girlfriend