Мошенники вымогали у фанатки Егора Крида деньги за ее интимные фото Maria Shatokhina really wanted to meet an idol. She applied to the casting, which was conducted for the filming of the video Yegor creed. However, 18-year-old girl stumbled upon a Scam. They began to demand from her intimate photos and money.
Мошенники вымогали у фанатки Егора Крида деньги за ее интимные фото

18-year-old Maria Shatokhina wanted to participate in the video Yegor creed. It has long been a fan of the artist, so as soon as I saw the announcement about the casting, wrote to the agents to Elena and Maxim, whose contact details were listed in the ad. The girl asked to send 21 photo, including Nude.

Shatokhina suspected nothing, because she so wanted to see creed personally, would have done a lot to go for filming. But in addition to images, the agents began to pray with Mary 5000 rubles as a guarantee for the participation in the filming. Then she became suspicious.

“I realized that it was a fraud when he started demanding money,” said Mary.

Then the agent has decided to blackmail the girl. Maxim recalled Athinai, now in his possession were her intimate photos.

In addition to history with a clip creed in such groups inform about other auditions. For example, one ad announces the start of recruitment of girls for shooting Dan Balan. The representative of the artist to clarify the situation.

“Not looking. 100 percent we’re not looking. Anyway, we’re not shooting now clip. Our producers, who work for the clips, they don’t do it publicly,” said the agent Balan.

Elena herself, which makes announcements like casting calls, insists that all the information is true, and girls need to hurry, otherwise their places will be occupied. Reporters asked the opinion of the expert, producer Natalia Bocharova.

“Self-respecting casting Director, Director and producer will not put these ads. Here is the standard post, a recognizable face to attract very young people, who with burning eyes want somewhere to go and earn, how they think, crazy money,” — said Bocharov with REN-TV.

We will remind, Egor Krid has never said whether he meets the winner of “the Bachelor,” Daria Lukinoj. Many fans suspect that the artist didn’t build the relationship after the project. However, Dasha is not complaining — because now her Instagram has become even more subscribers than post-season romantic show by Ilya Glinnikov, in which she also participated.