Ольга Бузова расплакалась из-за измены TV presenter admitted that any problems in the relationship passes through its own experience – a painful divorce. She couldn’t hold back the tears when Ilya Yabbarov accused the bride of being unfaithful without any reason. Previously, he was convicted of treason pregnant Alena Rapunzel.
Ольга Бузова расплакалась из-за измены

Fans of the reality show “DOM-2” with tension watching the drama in the personal life of the pregnant Alena Rapunzel. For the past couple of weeks her relationship with llya Habarovym leave much to be desired – she learned that the groom is cheating on her, but instead of an apology I heard a response of rebuke. The reality star left the girl with a counter – accusation-he suspected that she, too, did not keep him faithful.

Leading the project Olga Buzova decided to stand up for the pregnant girl and even cried with resentment. It hurt her to see how the expectant mother beats in hysterics, and the bridegroom calmly responding to the situation.

“Men do not oppress us women. It is so painful. All the situations of my guys personally and its sad experience. Alain, I’m with you,” wrote Buzova.

The girl’s sister Olga Rapunzel confessed that she had a Frank conversation with Alyona. The expectant mother said that it would be easier to raise a child and look for more decent man than to wait for changes in the nature Jabbarova. However, Olga is afraid that after such a blow 21-year-old girl can no longer believe anyone.

The pair is now on the verge of breaking. Mom Alena came to the telestroke to help his daughter and her fiancé to restore the relationship. Earlier she asks the girl to forgive a cheating Jabbarova. However, Ilya believes that their romance has come to an end, but they will continue the dialogue for the future of the child.

Ольга Бузова расплакалась из-за измены“We have Alyona’s nothing there, nothing happens. What do I do? To suffer, to cry? It took me 10 days. You can’t build a normal dialogue, like adults. Anything can happen in the family, but normal people normally leave. Moreover, we have a child. I will do everything for the child. But if we can find a common language – I don’t know,” says Ilya.
Ольга Бузова расплакалась из-за измены

In a desperate situation a couple even asked for the help of a numerologist. But it does not move the issue forward. While Allen may not forgive Elijah his act, despite the gifts, flowers and apologies.

“For me, the moral betrayal hurt more than the physical. Drunk sex is one thing, but if in his mind another woman, he thinks of what to write, what to say?” – shared thoughts and aspirations.