Саша Зверева перестала скрывать жениха Recently, the singer admitted that after the setbacks in his personal life finally met the man of her dreams. Sasha Zvereva for a long time tried not to advertise the new darling. But yesterday I made an exception, having published a photo with her lover.
Саша Зверева перестала скрывать жениха

Former soloist of the popular in the 2000s, the group “Demo” is raising three children. The two oldest, 15-year-old Bryce and 10-year-old Makar, appeared during the affair with businessman Ilya Gusev, and the youngest, three year old lion in marriage with musician Dmitry Almazov.

For some time heart Sasha Zvereva was free, but now next to her is a reliable man. Recently, the actress flew in from California to Kaliningrad to arrange a lecture for expectant mothers. There she admitted that her old dream has come true – she is once again in love. And after the singer posted a picture together with a lover who decided to surprise his beloved by flying to her.

“Am I awake? Kaliningrad, I will never forget,” wrote Sasha in the microblog.
Саша Зверева перестала скрывать жениха

Fans rushed to congratulate the actress and said that her example a role model. “Sasha, I’m so happy for you! When you said that there is a man in the dream, I even shed a few tears”, “You’re so fragile next to him! Here it is your wall and support”, – were touched by social media users.

Саша Зверева перестала скрывать жениха

While the artist is in no hurry to tell about your man. But given that Sasha is a very candid with the fans, they look forward to the story of meeting her dream man. Apparently, an affair with a lover from Zvereva began relatively recently – in fact in may, she only described the qualities that would like to see in a loved one. First and foremost, it was important the financial independence of men. Married to the DJ, she had to take care of the Essentials. She dreamed of a third child and hoped that it would help her relationship with Dimitri to get to a new level.

Sasha Zvereva can not forgive the father of my children

“I really wanted a baby. Can’t say that Dima didn’t want to. Rather, he feared. I didn’t realize that he was in a dangerous trap. I laid on the unborn child the responsibility for our relationship: here comes the baby, and he will thaw! Will rebuild your schedule will become more attentive to me and my desires. And I stop hearing each disagreement “it is not pleasant – get divorced! Affairs”, – remembers Sasha.