Broke out and burned: 10 stars, who died too early

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано In Russian history there were many cases, when the winners too early left this world. Athletes severe illnesses, them accidents happen at competitions, and sometimes stars, yesterday held a place on the podium, just kill on the street. However, fans continue to remember idols, who in his career to do so much.
Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Life athletes is an endless training, constant performances, the enthusiasm and adoration of fans. The path to the coveted medals sometimes you have to start at an early age, but the athletes are not accustomed to complain. For the joy of the fans and the next record they are ready to go, it seems, everything.

Because any tragic death of an athlete is transformed into grief for the whole country, because it goes not just people, but a national treasure, a genius in his discipline. “StarHit” gathered the most dramatic stories of athletes who left us too early.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

25-year-old Denis Ten was a real pride of Kazakhstan. Incredibly humble and sincere, he was often engaged in charity, sometimes helping even strangers. It seemed that the skater has a bright future, but his life came to an unexpected end on 19 July 2018 on one of the streets of the city of Almaty.

Noting that the robbers are trying to remove the mirror of his car, Dennis was not afraid to speak against criminals. As a result, the talented athlete has dealt a severe knife wound.

Bleeding to death on the streets of his native city, skater clearly remembered his rich and colorful life. First the silver medal at the 2013 world Championship gold tournament on four continents and long-awaited bronze at the Olympics in Sochi in 25 years Ten achieved a lot.

Owl doctors, the hospital, the athlete arrived at a state of clinical death. All attempts to revive it came to nothing: two hours later the legend of figure skating, died from loss of blood.

Fans, colleagues and coaches Denis was shocked by his tragic death. So, Alexei Yagudin could not restrain his emotions and wanted the murderers to rot in jail.

“Today something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen that we never expected. We spent the whole day crying because I died not just a skater, and chelovechische. Yura, Oksana, we even can’t imagine that happens to you. Sorry may be not saved your son,” talking about the other Yagudin could not hold back tears.
Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

The next day the police managed to catch one of the killers. 24-year-old Nuraly Dauletbekovich of kiesow admitted his guilt and surrendered the second criminal, the search for which is now engaged in law enforcement.

The tragedy that happened to a figure skater, has affected not only athletes, but also famous figures of culture. So, Timur Bekmambetov, to learn that Denis Ten wanted to make a movie about a deaf girl and a mute boy, promised to bring the idea to life. Fans of the same athlete I hope that his name will not be forgotten by true fans of figure skating.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

“Legend №17”, the Lord of the washers, the best hockey player on the planet — what only titles are awarded eight-time world champion Valery Kharlamov. The athlete himself, for many years, opening their way to fame, was in awe of universal adoration.

Kharlamov was just doing his job and handled it just fine. In the early 70s, being at the peak of the sports form, he won almost everything he could. Received two Olympic gold three times in a row and winning the world championship, Valery first encountered the harbinger of future tragedy. In 1976, after only 12 days last wedding, Kharlamov got in a terrible car accident. Then it seemed that the continuation of a career could not be considered. Still, the fracture of the right leg and two ribs is a good reason why I forever to hang the skates on a nail.

That’s just Kharlamov was not accustomed to surrender, otherwise he would have not been able to achieve such results. Through the pain and self-pity, he returned to the ice in December 1976. He had a two wins at the world Championships and five happy years of marriage.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

A great hockey player tragically killed in 1981, he was 33 years old. That night there were no signs of trouble: Kharlamov and his wife Irina and her cousin returned from the country. The wife of the athlete, being the inexperienced driver lost control of the vehicle causing the vehicle collided with a truck ZIL. All the passengers died on the spot.

A terrible tragedy was a shock for the whole world. Kharlamov mourned by his colleagues, fans and friends, but mostly had his mother Valeria. She son survived for only five years and died in 1987.

Children Kharlamov Alexander and Begonia eventually devoted his life to the sport. The heir of the famous sportsman also became a hockey player, and when his son was born, the question of the choice of name was not even the grandson of the Legend №17 named Valery.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Legendary gymnast Oksana Kostina gave the impression of a fragile, vulnerable girls, but appearances are often deceptive. With an iron character, the future champion literally broke the stereotypes. Not paying attention to the criticism of coaches, she has won one medal after the other at major competitions. Where impeccable technique was not enough, Oksana took the jury of their artistry.

As a result, for 19 years she received an unofficial title of Queen of rhythmic gymnastics. Then, in the championship of 1992 in Stuttgart, she won five gold medals, winning in almost all disciplines.

It seemed that Costin nothing can stop it, but there it was waiting for a real shock — for some reason it is not called to the national team for participation in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Is the record-holder of the world championship in hot Spain went Oksana Skaldina.

Consolation for Kostina became a success in his personal life. The athlete met with pyatibrat Edward Zenovka. Lovers were supposed to get married, but in the way of their mutual happiness arose tragedy. 11 Feb 1993, a car driven by Zenovka, collided with a truck “GAS”.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Oksana Kostina received a serious injury, but being a real fighter, some time, fought for life. Arrived the ambulance took 20-year-old athlete in the hospital, but she died.

Shortly after the tragedy, Edward Zenovka serious injuries, retired from the sport. It was rumored that pyatibortsev feels guilty, but he shocking death of his beloved refused to discuss.

But the coach Oksana Olga Buyanova, on the contrary, often remembers his best student.

“When I found out about the incident, called the hospital and demanded of the chief physician. She spoke to me. Yes, Oksana Kostina, Yes, died at this time. I said that it can’t be, Kostenich a lot. Asked to name the signs that she’s wearing, what her earrings. The doctor calmly said: “it is Impossible to confuse this girl, she is beautiful, she has blue eyes, it really it is, the world champion gymnast. Unfortunately, Olga Vladimirovna, she died in a car accident. I yelled into the phone, that’s not true. While the handset is not hung,” said Buyanova on the pages of the book “Oksana. The history of great gymnasts with the eyes of a coach”, dedicated to one of the best gymnasts in the world.

Long relatives and friends Kostina could not recover. In his native Irkutsk Oksana and is still remembered. Here annually in honor of the birthday of the athletes held the open championship of the Irkutsk region on rhythmic gymnastics.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

“My heart is taken. It drives the blood through the body” — used to joke Alina Akimkina. This is something she’s often put in status on the social network, she answered annoying questions about personal life. Fans it was hard to believe that 21-year-old athlete with a bright appearance can only have one great love in life is sports.

Early childhood Yakimkin gave their all training. As a result, at 21, she first got into the adult national team on biathlon. Then it seemed that life is just beginning, and there were no signs of trouble.

The tragedy occurred in Tyumen on 21 February 2015. During the race on 15 kilometers Alina suddenly became ill. The athlete collapsed on the snow, and the doctors just did not have time to come to her aid — death was instantaneous.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

After it became clear that the cause was congestive heart failure. Giving all of myself to training, Yakimkin seem to even wonder what it might cost her her life.

In a cruel twist of fate, shortly before his death, Alina together with coach nail by Hazeisim advised the actors on the set of the series “the Shot”. One of the main characters of serial project just became a sportsman, which started with heart problems due to high levels of stress.

According to doctors, heart problems can begin from women for a long time, but she chose not to betray the symptoms of values. Moreover, regular medical examinations did not reveal any problems. Anyway, the death of Alina Jimmyneu herd a shock to the entire sports community, forcing fans to once again talk about too much sacrifices on the altar of victory.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

19-year-old hockey player Alexei Cherepanov was the real pride of the small village of Ozerki, Altai Krai. Still, the budding athlete became world champion Junior team, and after won the bronze medal of the championship of Russia on hockey.

The talented and extremely ambitious athlete had a lot of plans for the future, but they were not destined to come true. October 13, 2008, Cherepanov died.

And if the rest of the heroes of our article to save, it was almost impossible, the 19-year-old hockey player still had the chance. When Alex literally collapsed on the bench after losing consciousness, the coaches immediately called for an ambulance. However, the doctors went too long.

When the medics arrived, it turned out that they did not work the defibrillator. Cardiac massage and potent drugs could not help the athlete Cherepanov died on arrival at hospital of a heart attack.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Even after it became clear that Alexei suffered from chronic myocardium, and in principle could not professional sports. His heart worked to the limit, and at autopsy it weighed 495 grams at a rate of 290.

Despite these facts surfaced later, fans Cherepanov still blame physicians that the world has lost a future champion, which simply didn’t manage to achieve everything I dreamed of.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Angels on the ice, skaters are the most romantic in history — what are the only titles not awarded Sergei Grinkov and Ekaterina Gordeeva. They really were the perfect couple: both are incredibly talented and energised for success.

Working together since 1982, they were married only nine years later, the problem was indecisiveness pitching, which has long been afraid to tell longtime partner in feelings. Then it seemed that the more beautiful pairs skating world is simply not seen. Even the concussion received by Catherine in 1987, was unable to stop them, and already at the Olympics in 1988 they became Champions.

To repeat its success Grinkov and Gordeeva had a chance in the Olympics 1994. Then they have two years were the parents of a charming little girl Daria.

And then, when it seemed that the 28-year-old Sergei has achieved everything that one can dream of, the tragedy occurred. Right during a training session of 20 November 1995, the athlete became ill. He lost consciousness during a support and fell together with his wife. Attempts by doctors to revive the Olympic champion proved fruitless.

Ekaterina Gordeeva is still hard to think about the tragedy. According to the athlete, she even could not imagine that’ll be a widow at 24.

“Before the Olympics-1994 Sergey and I, as members of the national team of Russia, have passed a full medical examination. Nothing we have discovered. A few months before tragedy Sergey blood tests. Cholesterol had increased. But is it fatal? No one could not think about the bad. And the experts who conducted the autopsy, said he was in a dream suffered a heart attack. That very night, before a fatal training” — later recalled Catherine.
Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

After recovering from grief, Gordeeva returned to the ice, but fundamentally did not look for a new partner. Over the next five years she performed as a skater-singles.

To find happiness, Catherine could only in 2001. She married Ilya Kulik, also devoted their lives to figure skating. The daughter of Sergei Grinkov Daria, soon to be 26 years old, his father remembers the bad. However, she is surprisingly like his star dad, gone too soon.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

In 2018, a biography of the legendary Alexander Belov did not discuss only the lazy. Legendary basketball player became one of the main characters of the movie “moving up”. And let the wife of an athlete she was not satisfied with the tape, but the whole country remembered the feat Belov and his teammates at the Olympics in Munich in 1972.

That is Belov made the final lunge, providing the USSR national team a historic victory over the Americans. However, the list of achievements of Alexander did not stop there.

Twice European champion, winner of the world Cup Belov was considered a legend of the Soviet sport, but still remained extremely vulnerable person.

To trust their experiences, he could only two people: his girlfriend Alexandra and coach Vladimir Kondrashin, who replaced his father.

Exactly Kondrashin noticed the potential future legends, brought belove leadership qualities. The coach repeatedly called the talented athlete as his second son and later grieved his sudden death.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Belov himself in a rare interview admitted that basketball is his main love and inspiration. That’s why, when the athlete was excommunicated from the sport, for him it was an unbearable blow.

Then, in 1977, Alexander was searched by customs after returning from the regular competitions. In his possession were found the icons that became a cause for scandal. Because of the proven fact smuggling Belov was suspended from basketball games, stripped of scholarships and titles of honored master of sports.

Amid these upheavals Alexander has exacerbated long-standing problems with the heart, which still did not prevent him to marry his beloved. In marriage they lived for a little over a year.

Belov’s death, which occurred October 3, 1978, was a shock to the entire sports community. The wife of the athlete Alexander did, and was able to recover from grief many years later. Now basketball is a zealous keeps the memory of his great man.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

At the age of 16 years old gymnast Natalia Lavrova was able to make his name in history by becoming the youngest gymnast who won the Olympic games. After four years in her life had another record: the accomplished athlete could become the first double Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics in group exercises.

It would seem that the top is subdued, but Natalia was not one to sit idle. That is why, after a career of 20 years, she began to train the younger generation of gymnasts.

Showing incredible activity in this matter, Lavrov has managed in just a year of coaching to create for itself a reputation as one of the best specialists in the preparation of future Champions. Natalia prophesied a brilliant career, but her life was cut short on 23 April 2010.

Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

25-year-old, a famous gymnast and her younger sister Olga got in a car accident on the highway Penza-Shemysheyka. Cousin Laurel lost control of the car, causing the car drove into the oncoming lane, collided with another vehicle, and then caught fire. Both girls died on the spot.

However, the athlete still remember in my hometown of Penza. There should soon have a monument dedicated to the great gymnast, and one of the streets named after Laurel.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

Ski jumping is traditionally not the strongest discipline for the Russian athletes. However, Pavel Karelin did not stop. Persistently practicing, he’s already in 17 years took part in the world Cup, and 18 ranked in the top ten juniors from around the world.

Incredible success has not inspired Karelina and did not make him arrogant. The athlete continued to clearly speak and train before losing strength.

In the summer of 2011 Paul reached the peak of his creative form, after being the second in the Grand Prix. However, at this period in the life of a famous athlete there has been a streak in October, Paul was suspended from competition because of its desire to engage individually the coach of the national team Alexander Svyatov.

Dreams Karelin colleagues perceived as arrogance and obstinacy. The only athlete ever to become an Olympic champion, taking a well-deserved place on the podium.

9 Oct 2011 trampolinist was tragically killed in an accident at home, in Nizhny Novgorod region. In a cruel twist of fate, that on this road for 20 years before that, crashed the athlete’s father. The future champion was raised by a stepfather who was really into skating. A few years before the death of Paul, the man who made him a competitive spirit also died under mysterious circumstances.

Coach Karelin is still difficult to think about what happened, especially after they started to spread unpleasant rumors about his pupil.

“After the accident, said that Paul was drunk. Could this be? That night Paul went to the Vorotynets, he, as far as I know, take her friend Artem at the Wake. Don’t believe these rumors that the Pasha was drunk. We did not allow athletes such. Yes, he was in his own conflict, difficult but talented guys are not simple,” said coach Vladimir Frolov.
Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

According to the coach Karelin, in the last months of the life of 21-year-old athlete was talking about his plans for the future. And dream Paul was simple: more than anything, he wanted to win Olympic gold and to marry longtime sweetheart Nadia.


Вспыхнули и сгорели: 10 звезд большого спорта, скончавшихся слишком рано

When the life goes one talented young athlete, it becomes a tragedy for the whole country. However, if events comparable to the horror of September 7, 2011, it forever leaves a scar in everyone’s heart, who loves and respects the sport.

In that ill-fated Wednesday, the airliner Yak-42D rose to a height of only five or six meters, and then collapsed near the river Tonosaki.

Then on Board the plane was the entire team “Lokomotiv”, as well as head coach, his assistants and other members of staff. Just the plane crash claimed the lives of 44 people, 25 of whom were hockey players.

The average age of the deceased athletes does not exceed 30 years, and the tragedy became one of the most resonant events of the last decade. The Yaroslavl hockey club “locomotive” was morally demoralized, but in the next season, the administration team decided on the need to return to the game.

Immediately after the news of the crash leaked to the media, hundreds and thousands of people began to create spontaneous memorials, and the President of Federation of hockey Vladislav Tretiak said that more than ever players will not fly by planes the YAK-42.

Despite the fact that since the tragedy it has been seven years, fans of the popular game still remember that day as one of the worst in the history of world sport.

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