Сергей Гриньков: причина смерти

In November 1995, in the sports life of Russia was a tragic and inexplicable event: during exercise, American lake Placide died suddenly 27-year-old Soviet skater Sergei Grinkov. He came to the rink to warm up with his partner in pair skating, Ekaterina Gordeeva, however, the reason for the death of Sergei Grinkov – not a sports injury. A young and strong man, he suddenly, without apparent reason, felt ill and died a few minutes after that. All the efforts of doctors, almost immediately suggested that the cause of illness is trouble with the heart, in vain.

Katia Gordeeva and Grinkov since childhood, chose the difficult share of skaters and, by decision of the coaches were paired in 1981, when the young partner was 10, and partner of 14 years. Already in 1984, the Duo became the first among juniors, and a year later won for himself the title of world Champions.

		Сергей Гриньков: причина смерти

In 1988, their perfectly honed performance at the winter Olympics in calgary he lifted Catherine and Sergey on the highest step of the Olympic podium. This was followed by a number of other glorious victories and, despite the inevitable difficulties, Gordeeva and Grinkov pair continued very successful career until 1990, when they decided to change the status of Amateur sports to professional.

The new location was the first Russian theater on ice “All stars”. In 1991, Sergei and Ekaterina began to speak in an American ice show IMJ “Stars on Ice”. They got married, being a beautiful loving couple. Their daughter Dasha was born in Morristown (USA) a year after the wedding. The parents continued to cooperate with the Americans until 1995, As professionals, they have added my credit there are still several prestigious awards.

		Сергей Гриньков: причина смерти

In the photo: Sergei Grinkov and Katia Gordeeva

For reviews of relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, and random eyewitnesses, Sergey was a cheerful and friendly guy, he was great with people and had a good sense of humor. The title of honored master of sports and multiple medals, multiple victory at Home and the titles three-time European champion, four-time world champion and Olympic champion has not changed his character.

		Сергей Гриньков: причина смерти

The decision of the International Olympic Committee from 1993 allowed the pair Gordeeva and Grinkov to restore the former status of Amateur athletes and to win again in the Olympic games, in Lillehammer.

Nothing boded ill on that fateful day. When Sergei suddenly lost consciousness, it was a surprise to all who were near. Doctors, according to the memoirs of Ekaterina Gordeeva, arrived in another two minutes and immediately took her husband to the surgery. But to help him was impossible.

The reason for the death of Sergei Grinkov was a heart attack. Ordinary Americans, who knew the athlete reacted to his death with genuine sorrow: Sergei loved.

His colleagues on the show was seen off at the airport Gordeeva, two of them even came to the funeral. Sergei Grinkov was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.