Sergei Chelobanova forced to undergo a DNA test live

Сергея Челобанова заставили пройти ДНК-тест в прямом эфире Ex-Deputy Alla Pugacheva learned how much time the father. Composer and singer, famous for the romance with Donna and stormy love Affairs, was not sure of the number of their children.

Sergei chelobanov gained fame in the early 90-ies caused by a violent affair with the Alla Borisovna. At that time the whole country with a sinking heart, watching their relationship. And no wonder: chelobanov was 12 years younger than Diva, had a criminal record, a wife and two children, but he was able to conquer Pugachev at the first meeting.

Their passion lasted about three years, and in 1993 there was a gap. After parting with Alla Pugacheva Chelobanova musical career went into decline. But in the love arena artist passions continued to boil. Immediately after Alla Sergei happened a short affair with a girl Larissa. They parted quickly, the young woman went to another country, but then began to declare that she had Chelobanova daughter – Alexander, who is currently 22 years old.

The girl met the alleged father in the program “the Secret” one million, however, chelobanov expressed uncertainty that he is the parent of Alexandra. The artist has agreed to make a live paternity test and find out the truth.

“I had a woman in Larissa, with whom I had a connection. She went to Italy and from friends I learned that she was pregnant from me. But baby I’ve never seen and know nothing about him,” admitted Sergey broadcast transmission.

In the eyes of the audience, the doctor from the lab took biological materials from the young girl and her alleged father. At the end of the transfer it turned out that the Pope is 22-year-old Sasha is still a completely different man.

Only Sergei Chelobanova three children: the two oldest from my first marriage and a young son of the civil wife Evgenia, which is two times younger than the actor. With a girl the singer met when his team needed a singer. Their romance did not develop rapidly, the young woman admitted that she began to have feelings for the artist. Now they live together and are raising a young son of Alexander, born in 2016. Live transmission of “the Secret to a million” chelobanov made a proposal of marriage to his sweetheart. Eugene couldn’t say no to his beloved and said, “Yes.”