Julia Alibekova told why peel children

Юлия Салибекова рассказала, почему лупит детей It appeared that rigor in the education of heirs is associated with a difficult childhood stars “House-2”. Julia Alibekova was deprived of many joys that one usually feels at a young age. This she frankly told “StarHit”.

Loyal viewers of the main telestroke country remember well two sisters atornic Julia and Ekaterina Kolisnichenko. The first has long been married a colleague on the show Tigran Salibekov and took his name. The couple has two sons: Roland and Eldar.

However, it became clear that for women it’s not as easy as it may seem from the outside. Happy smiles at a joint with the kids photos in Instagram, touching lyrics to it and regular advice to participants “Houses-2” with the so-called Olympus – are not valid weekdays brunettes. Julia admitted to “StarHit” that boys grow up to be real brats. She also told that that is why she has to punish heirs.

“Sometimes it becomes unbearable from their pranks, and the most insulting that nothing helps. We educate them real men, therefore, the measures taken are appropriate. In our family the authority of Tigran. Here he is in these matters is very strict. It only takes one sentence to Roland and Eldar understood. They do fear and respect. And when I’m with them alone, you know, any threats and blackmail, they say, will not get a machine or TV – manipulation of despair. Actually, we both will natricum, and put in the corner, and will take if needed,” said a young mother.

Interestingly, the parents of Tigran periodically take their children for a short period to spend time with my grandchildren and give the couple some respite. However, they do not always cope with small pranksters. According to Julia, sometimes the head of the family says the details of the education of heirs to the father.

“Somehow Tigran told my father that the boys really did not listen. To which he replied: “Tigran, whom they all listen?” So. All hope that with age will become quieter, and while Aldaric all he takes over from Roland is a senior we do Skoda. Of course, we love them very much and try to give them the maximum, but becomes quite difficult,” – said the “StarHit” Salibekov.

It is worth noting that similar behavior of sons beautiful part of the debits on a character of its own at their age. It turned out that in her youth she and her sister often brought her mother the same problems. Girls misbehave, swearing and inventing all sorts of mischief. But having fun, they knew how it will react to mother.

“She is long gone, but I remember that in childhood she used to beat us with Katya as goats. Put in the corner, thrashed on the bare ass by hand, loudly shouted because of the broken vase. As soon as Katya and I heard footsteps approaching, immediately said to each other: “Well, are entering the air five minutes ago and all? Yes, five minutes will suffer.” Of course, I didn’t realize how hard it is to raise children and moms they still had three. Now all this has passed and offended,” – said Julia.

In the family of Tigran kids as well raising in severity. The boy from the earliest years were foundational concepts such as respect, honor, dignity, will power. According to brunette, if he was told something not to do, he even thought there was to do otherwise.

Despite the negative memories, Julia finds the strength and wisdom not to take offense at parents and make them complicated characters. Woman objectively understands all the flaws of the mother and father and uses their experience in their own lives – trying to avoid similar mistakes. In an interview with “StarHit” Salibekov shared the most personal moments of childhood, as well as suggested for this reason.

“Father did not live with us – gone when Katya was very young, we don’t remember him. My mom was young, perhaps that is why not everything turned out. I do not blame anyone. But now I myself have a wife and understand exactly from good wives husbands don’t leave. Yes, my sister did not see, how to communicate with mom and dad, but I still try to be a wise plan. No one take offense, it is a pity that the mother did not see my family and grandchildren. She always taught us with Katya to fight, to go forward, never give up. She taught me how to accurately detect lies, find the cheaters,” said Julia.