Beyonce is preparing for cesarean section

Бейонсе готовится к кесареву сечению
The twins have to be born very soon.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Beyonce in the near future
will once again be a mother! According to available information, the twins, which bears
35-year-old singer, must be born from day to day, as the singer has already moved from
his mansion house, located near the chosen hospital — Cedar Sinai. This building for it in advance rented husband Beyonce — Jay-Z.

According to the reporter of the website Radaronline, in the above-mentioned
the hospital for the singer has already prepared a special room and a separate
operating, since, according to the decision of the doctors, the singer will be made a Cesarean section.
Overall, this pregnancy, as previously reported, was for Beyonce much
more complex than the first, when she was carrying her first child — daughter blue
Ivy, which is now already five years. In the first half of the term, Beyonce suffered from terrible morning sickness, and the second
from edema. Because of them, the singer was very swollen not just my feet but the lips, so the singer even suspected that
she pumped silicone in. And father, Beyonce said that his daughter complains
weakness and, in General, “feeling far better”.

On Beyonce’s pregnancy became known
back in February, when the singer tweeted a series its amazing
beautiful photos — already pretty
solid stomach. According to rumors, she managed this time to get pregnant only through IVF. That childbirth should take place in may, the singer announced already
some time ago. But as to what sex children she bears,
although the singer and her husband have long found this question, they refuse to disclose.