Sergei Bondarchuk broke the nose of a beautiful woman

Сергей Бондарчук сломал нос красавице-жене Tata suffered from the heavy hand of a beloved spouse. The young woman said that it happened at night while she slept. Tata Bondarchuk with humor reacted to the damage on her beautiful face, she believes that the hump on the bridge of the nose makes her look more like Georgian.
Сергей Бондарчук сломал нос красавице-жене

The son of famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Sergei and his wife Tata have a reputation for a strong and friendly family couple. The couple grows two charming daughters, Margaret and Faith. Because son Fyodor Bondarchuk girls put up a fight

Apparently, to maintain the relationship in marriage to Sergey and Tate allows a great sense of humor. Even about the recent incident that occurred in their family, spouse Bondarchuk told the fans so that they can not only sympathize, but also to laugh heartily. Sergei Bondarchuk broke the nose of his beautiful wife. Tata blow he struck at night when she slept. However, the daughter of the famous Director has made it clear that not only is angry at her husband for causing her injury, but ready to thank him for appearing on the nose, the hump – after all, it is still Georgian. Recall that the maiden name of Tata – Mamiashvili.

A snapshot of her with a swollen nose, Tata Bondarchuk has published stories in his page in Instagram.

“When the husband is a lunatic in the dream, breaks his nose. I am Georgian, I put the hump, IIIA,” signed by the wife of Sergei Bondarchuk.

While the young woman didn’t write anything about that, sorry if front of her husband for that night’s treachery. But it is likely that Sergey Fedorovich will find a way to make amends to his beloved beautiful wife.

By the way, not so long ago the couple celebrated the first anniversary of its family life. For the past five years as the heir of the famous Director is happily married with Tata Mamiashvili. On this occasion, Sergei Bondarchuk and his wife gathered the family in one of the trendy restaurants in the heart of Moscow. Among those who came to congratulate the happy couple, was a socialite Hope Obolentseva, creative Director of the film “Sky” Alexey Kiselyov, Director Rezo Gigineishvili, as well as the actors Ivan Yankovsky and Vera Panfilova.

In his Tats in that day there is a touching post dedicated to her other half. “Five years is as one day… Flew on my favorite,” – with these words Mamiashvili addressed to her husband.

Recall that the wedding of Sergey and Tats took place in may 2012. First, the lovers got married in Kutuzovsky registry office and then went to the gala dinner in the concert hall “Barvikha Luxury Village”. Luxury celebration has become one of the most talked about social events of the time.