Dmitry Shepelev visits the grave of a loved person

Дмитрий Шепелев не посещает могилу близкого человека TV presenter admitted that he cannot accept death. Dmitry Shepelev decided to support the heroine of Friday the program “really” Larissa Kopenkina and spoke about a personal tragedy. The man gave to understand that each decides how to act in difficult life situations.
Дмитрий Шепелев не посещает могилу близкого человека

Now Dmitry Shepelev leads of the show “In fact”, which aired the First channel. Guests in the Studio are checked on a lie detector and ask each other questions that get answers. Experts watching the gauges and analyze the facial expressions of the characters to determine if they’re telling the truth. The man is trying to support program participants and often shares his own stories of life. In today’s show he admitted that visiting the graves of the dead.

“I also can not accept the death of a loved one and also are not in a cemetery,” said the presenter.

We can only guess who it was meant Shepelev. It is possible that he was talking about the civil wife Zhanna Friske. Two years ago she passed away due to brain cancer. The couple have a son Plato, who brings the father. Perhaps the man was talking about someone from relatives or close friends.

A story of personal drama Shepelev supported the heroine of Friday the program “really” Larissa Kopenkina. She appeared in the Studio, along with Prokhor Chaliapin. Ex-husband apologized to the women for the fact that once revealed the secret – said publicly about the death of her daughter. Businesswoman admitted that she was unpleasant words chosen. She could not hold back tears when he shared how experienced the loss of 19-year-old heiress. Prokhor Chaliapin publicly apologized Larisa Kopenkina

Дмитрий Шепелев не посещает могилу близкого человека“I do not live as everything, I’m not taking any generally accepted rules. People don’t die, they just go to another world. And I have this right, I want to, I live with it. And someday I’ll come to her. I have here a son if he needs me, I’ll be with him. And there I have a daughter, mom, dad. For me, all the people remain alive. And in our house we never spoke, our friends never touch this topic and when people ask me, “where are You going?”, I say that today Nastya will stop by. We don’t have to celebrate some stupid anniversary. No need to judge me for that, it is my right and my choice” – with overflowing emotion said Larissa.