Rustam Solntsev: “I Love chubby and I want to protect her”

Рустам Солнцев: «Люблю пухлых и хочу защитить Лолиту» The showman spoke to the extravagant singer. Ex-member of telestroke considered scandalous outfit pop stars very bold and “fun” trick. Moreover, Rustam Solntsev admitted sympathy for lolita.
Рустам Солнцев: «Люблю пухлых и хочу защитить Лолиту»

Lolita blew up the Internet transparent tights, which appeared last Sunday at the recital of Grigory Leps. Singer barrage of criticism, and is known for controversial statements blogger Lena Miro even allowed himself to be called star the winner of “ugly bodies”. Lolita did not remain silent and gave a selection of the girl.

“Of course, is a tragedy. A great tragedy in my life. But what to do? She’s from the country I’m from the province. She wants to live in Moscow, well, let him live his health. Dear Helen, thank you for the forgotten and useless singer you’ve made me popular. I’m happy,” retorted star.

Showman Rustam Solntsev, who has a way with words, also could not ignore the attack on Palladium and decided to speak out in defense of celebrity. Rustam leads onto Instagram heading “Mamadorogaya” in which each week gives the characteristics of colleagues, and this time he decided to go for lolita.

“I am wary of people that are positive, fun, cool and carbon monoxide saying it’s bad, horror and shit, – began his speech the sun. – I am now about lo and Lena Miro. You know, I lo. Yes, believe it or not, I like chubby and positive women. And cool that Lola is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s fun to entertain everyone. I even have a dog plump and positive, same as Lolita. Lena and angry – it scares me”.

“Better to be a happy woman with overweight than lean mean continued Rustam overs. – Lolita dobracki, never offend, not touch. Who cares what it there came on the scene? Do not like do not watch. She’s not in the kitchen came discharged and sat on a stool so you told her your precious feedback. Aunt kicks, don’t touch her. Lola, continue in the same spirit, I will always support you! And pay no attention to jealous people, they to you, as the moon. And Miro had long been clear happy woman will not behave like a Sheepdog. And she’s worse than a dog and tries to bark at all. Lena, be kinder.”