Sensational recognition of the producer’s “Brilliant”: “Zhanna Friske refused to marry me”

Сенсационное признание продюсера «Блестящих»: «Жанна Фриске отказалась выходить за меня замуж»
Unknown details about his personal life, the singer said Andrey Grozny.

Сенсационное признание продюсера «Блестящих»: «Жанна Фриске отказалась выходить за меня замуж»

Zhanna Friske, Andrei and Ivan

Photo: From personal archive of Ksenia Novikova

“When you create something, you almost inevitably fall in love with his picture. The artist and the model, the composer and the Muse — clearly, so often. Somehow in the rush I gave Jane the ring. But, probably fortunately, she didn’t accept it…” — says producer Andrew Ivan, who for many years collaborated with Jeanne Friske — and as one of the soloists of the group “Brilliant”, and as an independent singer.

“When I wrote that we had a terrible quarrel and freedom-loving Jeanne went to do a solo career, and for greater independence took the repertoire of the song Andrey Gubin “La-La-La”, few people paid attention to one small detail: the production of this hit I did with Sergei Haruta. But the arrangements took the old “I flew”. So. First, I wanted to jazz something, but then the song Gubina all so hooked that we went back to pop music. Singer Zhanna Friske and producer Ivan returned, i.e. the decision about a solo career it was common.”

Zhanna Friske

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

“Jeanne was like a splash beam. Such a rapid career, and everything worked — a man of fortune. Undoubtedly talented, secular character, so my production is quite an appetite lying on the surface, — continues Ivan. — Just had to learn it — the hearing of Joan, and the rest usually comes as a result of much work. We spent a lot of time to spend at the Studio, spent a lot of time, plus I almost got divorced… In General, the relationship became more than just a friendship or business relationship. There was a certain surge of emotion, more of me… it’s hard for Me to remember all this, and not necessary, I think. Creative people often cheat, you come up with something themselves believe it. Somehow in the rush I gave Jane the ring. But, probably fortunately, she didn’t accept it…So where would it have gone if he went, no one can ever know. And once we sat down and very pragmatically agreed that one of us has experienced any incident of relationship, it will not affect the work. I totally agree, mixing personal and business is dangerous, but if something happened, what happened, we need to sit down like adults and negotiate. For a serious relationship neither of us was ready: too difficult, not timely and so on. The conversation ended with the fact that from this point on the personal life of each went his way. And it has not returned”.

But on the death of the singer the terrible diagnosis have learned one of the last in its environment. “Jeanne was supposed to arrive from America, we have planned a concert. When she arrived and I was informed of it, and could not think that things can be so scary. Decided that our star is naughty again. Said the Director: “Well, here we go again!” Concerts were cancelled, of course… About what’s going on, I realized, when I accidentally met a friend of Joan. “How’s she doing? I asked. She’s going back to Moscow?” That I said nothing, started crying and ran off. It soon became clear that everything was up to date even an accountant, but no one never told me anything…”

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