Де Ниро поддержал фильм о связи прививок и аутизма

The actor withdrew from the film festival “Trabaja” tape is about the relationship of children vaccination and development of autism.

A few years ago Robert De Niro has confessed that his son Elliot from second wife grace Hightower has autism. It is because the actor who is the co-founder of film festival “Trabaja”, despite the opinion of colleagues, included in the controversial film about the connection of vaccination and development of autism in children.

The Creator of the controversial film became a British former surgeon Andrew Wakefield. 18 years ago he published a scientific article in which tried to prove that vaccines can cause the development of autism in children. Soon, however, the article was withdrawn from publication because the colleagues of the medic was unable to confirm his theory. Andrew made a second attempt to bring their idea to the public and has created a documentary film. This painting became a bone of contention at the festival.

At first De Niro familiar with the issue of children with special needs got the theme and, despite the protests of their colleagues, said that the film will see the light. As explained by the actor himself, it was important for him to be around such problems the discussion began. Later, however, Robert changed his mind, which resulted in a scandal.

On the official festival page in “Facebook” published a speech, De Niro:

“My intention was to show the film, was driven by a desire to start a conversation about a problem that I and my family believe personal. But after some meetings with the festival team and representatives of the scientific community, we came to the conclusion that the painting is not conducive to the debate to which I expected”.

As De Niro said that he did not approve of the topic of anti-vaccination, and stood for a picture just because he and his wife grace for myself I know what it’s like to raise a child with such special needs.

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