Екатерина Одинцова подаст в суд на любовницу Бориса Немцова The fight over the estate of slain policy is gaining momentum. The mother of two children of Boris Nemtsov Ekaterina Odintsova outraged, claiming the legacy of Catherine iftode hints at her involvement in his death.

      Екатерина Одинцова подаст в суд на любовницу Бориса Немцова

      A little over a year ago the country was plunged into the horror of the cowardly assassination of Boris Nemtsov that took place in the heart of Moscow. A prominent politician was shot during a boardwalk with a girl. Now the question is about the legacy of a public figure. It is known that the person he was wealthy, so between applicants started a real fight.

      In Moscow said goodbye to Boris Nemtsov

      After news of the death of the politician, stepped out of the shadows Catherine iftode, who said that he grows two-year old son. To confirm its affinity with Nemtsov, need a DNA examination, which can be held only with the consent of relatives. Close Boris refuse to do, so Iftodi decided to give the case a new twist.

      During the press-conference Ekaterina made a transparent hint that the former civil wife of the politician may be involved in his murder. “Katya Odintsova was interested in the death of Boris with money because she has two children. She always extorted money Bori. And when he was gone, she sighed. Today she is the first who stands in line for the redistribution of money,” said ifedi.

      The words of potential rivals for the inheritance Nemtsov deeply angered Odintsov. She felt that such accusations can not be left unpunished. At the same time, Catherine gave his namesake a chance to apologize for what I said.

      “Now my lawyer and my family’s lawyer is carefully studying a video recording of the statements of Iftodi and press articles. They decide on what grounds we are going to sue for my protection of violated rights, said Odintsov “Express Gazeta”. – This is a very sad story and also very complex from an ethical point of view. However, if Iftodi will bring me a public apology, I am ready to refuse the claim. I am against the conflict”.

      Mistress of Boris Nemtsov told about the fight over the estate

      Recall that inheritance Nemtsov currently claim four children that bears his name: 31-year-old Jeanne, a 19-year-old Anton and 13-year-old Dean and 10 year old Sophia – and those about whom earlier it was not known. However, the son of Catherine iftode Boris, who is two years old, and 17-year-old Daniel, whose mother is Anna Lesnikova, can not yet be among the official heirs, as it does not proved that their father is Boris Nemtsov.

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