Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы празднуют медную свадьбу
For seven years the couple had three sons.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrova

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Today is another anniversary of the wedding celebrates family Dobrovich. Exactly
seven years ago, Dmitriy and Polina were married in the registry office Griboedovsky. About this event the girl then informed their fans on the page
social network publishing a joint photograph with your spouse. “28 March 2009 I became the wife
incredible man. I became very Happy. 7 years is a great figure,
and I’m still sure there is the fun and said, —
says Dibrova. — Three sons of the repeated confirmation. I love you,
Dima! Always be… You’re mine!”

By the way, recently Dibrova Polina, a mother of three sons,
admitted that he wants to have more. But now Polina and Dmitry want to make their
“boy,” the Kingdom was diluted with the same girl. Or two.

Another pregnancy is the spouse of the TV presenter does not
confused, as she quickly comes into shape after childbirth. Recently, the girl
published in his personal blog your perfect figure, but because she was after
her third pregnancy had to throw as much as 23 pounds! Most importantly, it is a sport and
willpower, she is confident.

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