Selena Gomez spoke about the 90-day treatment in rehab

Селена Гомес рассказала о 90-дневном лечении в реабилитационной клинике

The singer of popular hits, American singer Selena Gomez appeared on the cover of InStyle publication. There she gave an interview in which he spoke about his 90-day treatment in rehab after cancelling her tour in October.

Селена Гомес рассказала о 90-дневном лечении в реабилитационной клинике

The owner of more than 123 million subscribers account in instagram Selena Gomez gave an interview with InStyle at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Journalists noticed that the female was a little taller and “more Mature”. These results gave a 90-day treatment in a rehabilitation clinic where Selena had access to a mobile phone and not worried about appearance. After treatment, the singer returned much refreshed and as beautiful as ever, could not help but notice the millions of subscribers in instagram. “My fans on instagram remember the old videos, and every time it touches me deeply, and I think “Wow, my life really has changed.” — says Selena.

“Last year, I cancelled my tour and went on a 90-day treatment and it was the best decision I ever made. I had no phone, nothing, and it scared. All of this taught me a lot” — says journalist InStyle performer. All that worried Selena, soon left behind, and the singer realized that there is only the way forward.

Selena shared how it took place treatment. “I was in the village and did not care about the appearance. I took part in ipoterapii that was fine. But it was hard. But I knew, what my heart says, and I thought, “Okay, I think it’s helped me to be stronger for other people.” — recognized by readers of Selenium. “When I came out, I was invited to attend the “American Music Awards” and everyone around me kept saying, “Do as you please” . I didn’t want to make their fans to think that taking care of yourself is a bad thing. So, I decided, and I will tell you the first step on the red carpet, I felt relief. I even felt as the sweat on my back.”

“I learned the true power of “no” — I feel a real change for the better when you say that word.” Very important to be able to say no in show business, as this depends directly on the mental health of the performer.

Selena Gomez still visits the treatment, as it believes that talking about problems can help her cope with the difficulties. She believes that this is a place that she really needs mental health. Recall that in 2014, Selena already being treated for depression. Her mental state was greatly influenced by the gap with pet teen Justin Bieber. In the same year, the singer, the singer’s doctors about the diagnosis of “lupus”.

Also, in an interview, the singer announced that she wants to arrange a tour. “The tour is the best part in my musical career. To see the faces of the fans, interacting with them… I succumbed to feelings yesterday in my profile in instagram because of my fans, because they experienced their feelings.”