Broke the spine Maria Komissarova disappointed with the results of the survey

Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова огорчена результатами обследования The athlete told about the diagnosis. Maria Komissarova has been told that it is impossible to use the exoskeleton, which was developed in SKOLKOVO. Fans concerned about her health and hope that modern medicine can save a woman from a wheelchair.
Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова огорчена результатами обследования

A week ago, a famous athlete Maria Komissarova has delighted fans the good news – she started to learn to walk again. In 2014 one practice before the Olympic games in Sochi on the track of ski cross, she landed badly and injured his spine. Fans had hoped that the strong spirit of a woman through the exoskeleton will be able to restore health and get rid of the wheelchair. However, Komissarova said that while she was forbidden to use the development of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.

“I can’t do on the exoskeleton did an MRI of the knee, and it’s not very good with bands, or rather their no. And this is a direct contraindication,” shared Maria.

Fans are trying to support Komissarova. They are very worried and hope that it will be able to restore health and re-learn to walk. “Masha, I wish you a speedy recovery!”, “And the lack of ligaments may affect your further rehabilitation? I hope you then will be able to do on the exoskeleton?”, “Sorry for the direct question, but very worried. There is still hope that you will again walk?” – worried followers.

However, Mary herself more upset with the fact that she was sent for a CT scan of the spine. She is afraid that after this survey is it banned a while to feed him.

In mid-April Komissarova gave birth to son Matthew in one of the Spanish clinics. She and her husband Alexei Chaadayev was happy with the appearance of an heir and a month and a half baptized the firstborn. Broke the spine Maria Komissarova worried about the baby’s health

Maria regularly talks about her kid and asks for advice from more experienced mothers regarding the care and upbringing of the boy. She is glad that subscribers will happily share with her recommendations. Fans admire the fact that she speaks movingly about his son.

“That’s understood here that love every day stronger. How can you sleep in separate beds with the baby? It’s so cool to hug him, to smell, to hug. So what, get used to, but the thrill,” admitted Komissarova in the social network.